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by able1234au (#47268861) Attached to: Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools

evolutions science is very similar to physics science. Physics science is by no means nailed down 100% and there are competing theories that eventually may get confirmed or eliminated. I think you are trying to compare evolution science to pure mathematics, specifically that which can be proved based on a set of axioms.

If you want to compare evolution to police work then compare it to OJ Simpson, since we know he did it!

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by able1234au (#47268839) Attached to: Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools

Sorry you lost your wife and son. I think experiences such as yours shows the background and reason why humans had to invent gods. Originally those gods were in the Sun, or Rocks or Trees or anything else mystical, and they gave comfort to humans. Which is fine, but let's not confuse that comfort with something that actually exists.

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by able1234au (#47219877) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

Science doesn't seek to prove god doesn't exist but the learnings of science is that any god would be irrelevant, so might as well not exist

> With no real facts, intuition only,

Which sums up how religion works and fails when thinking about science.

There may not be intelligent life out there but looking for it does not cost much and exploring is not that expensive. So we might as well do it.

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A god botherer interested in proof? That makes a change but then again you only throw out those statements since you will not read any proof

According to "Complex, image-forming eyes evolved independently some 50 to 100 times"

>There were created numerous times by a single individual.

I thought your imaginary friend was a trinity? so shouldn't it be three individuals (i could never work out who the holy spook was though)

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We have to stop subsidising oil and apply the true cost of carbon. Then the market will take care of it. Global warming will do more to wreck the economy than anything we do to oil.

Building more efficient cities takes time. Our cities are designed for oil and that is one big problem.

Yes, there has been more CO2 in the atmosphere in the past, just as there has been more oxygen. The planet will be fine, but there will be another big die off, and we will be part of that. The CO2 was accumulated in the earth over hundreds of millions of years. Releasing it all at once will cause major problems. We do not need it to prevent ice ages. We know how to warm the atmosphere, e don't know how to easily cool it.

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