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by able1234au (#47905323) Attached to: Solar Powered Technology Enhances Oil Recovery

I know you are joking but one interesting point on CO2 removal is that the problem is CO2 in the upper atmosphere which provides a "blanket" over us all. Lowering CO2 in the lower atmosphere will be helpful longterm but will not actually solve the CO2 problem for a long time. Upper atmosphere CO2 stays there for hundreds of years. Which is why we need to working on solutions today.

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by able1234au (#47463071) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

Plants take in CO2, die and release that CO2 unless buried under tonnes of rock. We are taking those plants buried under tonnes of rock and burning them, releasing their CO2. The accumulation of millions of years are being released in a handful of years. It will not be solved overnight by plants but will need a longtime to be removed from the environment. Also the warming is a result of CO2 going into the upper atmosphere, a long way from where most plants exist. That CO2 will stay up there for hundreds of years. All of this is well studied and if there was a simple solution you can bet the deniers would be quoting it every time. They don't because there isn't one.

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The same process that reduces Arctic ice (warming), increases Antarctic ice (warming). The difference is that the sea ice in Antarctica comes from the land. Also there is some increase in mainland ice in Antarctica due to the increased moisture in the air (also due to warming) as normally Antarctic air is dry like a desert. Regardless, both places are losing ice in the long run. Adding Arctic sea-ice coverage to Antarctic sea-ice coverage to say that everything is ok is just trying to spin the facts to suit your politics. The science is quite clear.

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