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Comment: Re:Global warming and you. (Score 1) 895

by abionnnn (#32948808) Attached to: New Photos Show 'Devastating' Ice Loss On Everest

Indeed, but you're ignoring all the negative feedback elements. Put it this way: if positive feedback was the only factor here, then there would have been run away warming from, lets say, volcanic activity.

Furthermore, CO2 is actively soaked up by the oceans forming calcium carbonate, that is why the level of CO2 in the atmosphere has been decreasing over the last 100 million or so years (though, this is obviously a MUCH slower process than our immediate concern, which is the next 100-200 years).

What is being argued in the scientific field is the correlation between an increase of CO2 and the increase in temperature. Using the green house model this will have a logarithmic relationship, where a lighter initial concentration of CO2 has a great slope.

The climate is very very complicated, I would go as far as to say, as complicated as a biological entity. I'm willing to bet that research on it will still be very active a hundred years from now, if we haven't destroyed ourselves until then.

Comment: Re:Science or Religion? (Score 1) 1136

by abionnnn (#31173344) Attached to: A Warming Planet Can Mean More Snow

How does it feel like to be mod'ed -1 Troll? LOL. Judging by the comments I'm reading, it's over for your AGW-religion. I suggest finding out what the other hipsters are all into now. Apparently Nitrogen Dioxide is all the rage.

Insulting people are outright lying won't get you anywhere.

In science you've gotta state your assumptions clearly and be prepared for people to disagree with you. You can't harass people into _believing_ you.

Comment: Re:Terrible analogy (Score 1) 173

by abionnnn (#29844303) Attached to: Are Game Publishers a Necessary Evil, Or Just Necessary?

You'll need a publisher to sell your game that's true, but its not necessarily an exclusive relationship. Which is what the article describes.

>"If you're trying to make a risky game with new ideas, it's best to wrap the concepts in the familiar. Making new IP is always going to be a battle."

*Shudder* making something new is now "Making new IP".

Comment: Terrible analogy (Score 3, Interesting) 173

by abionnnn (#29843997) Attached to: Are Game Publishers a Necessary Evil, Or Just Necessary?
In a way, you may or may not need a publisher depending on what you're developing. A lot of the generic titles that the "industry" keeps pumping out require a publisher for marketing such a mediocre game. But then you get the unconventional games whose development is actually hampered by having a publisher breathe down your neck and make games easier for the general public.

Comment: Job hype (Score 1) 1251

by abionnnn (#28945403) Attached to: Student Sues University Because She's Unemployable
I see one issue that is not covered by posters here: Job Hype. Every so often Engineering Bodies come out stating that there is a "shortage of engineers" in the market. Then they use that premise to hire workers from other (cheaper) countries. Finally after 5 years of study, the new Engineer faces a shortage of jobs. This said, you cannot blame the university for your life decision. In my opinion, you shouldn't go to a University purely for a job. If its a job you want, there are often other ways around it (unless it is a Professional job, of course). I don't regret my University education at all and this student will come to regret her action when she matures enough to realise that the ultimate decision was made by her. Influenced by the university propoganda for sure, but still ultimately done by her own hands.

Comment: Re:I was in a similar situation recently. (Score 1) 1251

by abionnnn (#28945289) Attached to: Student Sues University Because She's Unemployable
Perfect 4.0 GPA student here. I'm one of a kind at my university in .au which does not utilise any tricks leading to grade inflation. You don't need to score 100% in every test, though I have scored plenty of 100%s. You just have to score an A or A+ on every course you take. I don't think its possible for me to have obtained a GPA of 4.0 in a humanities course though, for the exact reason you have stated.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.