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Comment Re:Cue the flood... (Score 1) 193

I have heard that saying about '20 years away'. Has estimation been updated from perpetual +20 years to perpetual +30 years? This indeed is a big hit to fission research community. This puts it even further behind +5 years for working nanobots, +10 years for strong AI and +15 years for flying cars.

Comment Re:Modern storage methods are designed with longev (Score 1) 76

This is kind of obvious thing that further you look in the past, more durable recordings you OBSERVE. There might have been a lot of non-durable paleolithic 'books' - but we will never know. And if somebody looks at our stuff in 1000 years, they will say - these guys knew how to preserve data, they made all these engravings on memorials and metal plates on benches, while we have everything recorded in supervolatile quantum displacement substrate.

Or, what is more probable, they will just smash our stuff with clubs while chanting sacred verses from whatever version of holy book will win in race to dumb human progress in next hundred years.

Comment Re:Port? Really? (Score 4, Informative) 131

I think that you are confused about java-the-language, java-the-standard-library and java-the-platform. Android is java only as far as first one is concerned. And I don't think that this is giving any troubles with possible porting.

Basic subset of C is quite portable, isn't it? Then according to your logic, game written for Xwindows+opengl should work against MSWindows+DirectX without any issues...

Comment Two choices (Score 1) 488

1) Invest into research and effort how to reduce global warming
2) Invest into research and effort to build really high and strong wall around Middle East to keep affected people from escaping to other regions

Why I feel that solution 2 will be a lot easier to implement both politically and economically...

Comment Betteridge's law of headlines (Score 1) 270

Answer is no.

I was learning to code by doing POKEs into graphic memory, by first drawing sprites on grid paper and translating it into binary. Not the most efficient way to be honest, but there was nobody to tell me right one and I have found a newspaper article about screen memory layout.
Problem is short attention span and instant gratification mindset, not programming language change.

Comment Why ethnic bias? (Score 1) 428

"For their study, the scientists recruited 43 children between the ages of 9 and 18 who were considered at particularly high risk of diabetes and related disorders. All the subjects were black or Hispanic and obese"

White children were not willing to participiate, are not obese or just not available in given area?

Comment Re:How phone turned hipster (Score 1) 107

My point is that this seems to be tailored towards people who want to show how cool they are because they tinker with their phone, rather than for actual tinkering. Default transparent cover and emphasis on ethical sources are my proofs for that, rather than problems themselves. If I put black back cover and steal candy from child in India, this won't make Fairphone as a product any less 'hipster'. I will be just left with expensive underpowered phone and will actually have to tell people I have assembled my phone myself! (and that I don't have TV - this is always a good brag, isn't it?)

Comment How phone turned hipster (Score 2) 107

Best part of it is transparent back cover. This way, everybody around can see how cool you are for building your own phone. Even if it is as complicated as putting together 6-part Duplo duck.
Ethical sources part only confirms diagnosis - it is targeted at holier-than-thou vegan hipsters, rather than on hacking/modding community.

Comment Re:consider garbage collection is garbage (Score 2) 161

For example, add a few thousand objects to a table and then release the table; the program will iterate over all those thousands of objects, decrementing the reference counts and possibly releasing those resources.

And how this differs from C++? Not talking about reference counting, as it depends on what kind of pointers you are using, but about having cascading destruction happening if you get rid of high level container?

Comment Re:open source? (Score 1) 99

Not sure if you are trolling or not, but for majority of people, electricity meters are visible to everybody (or, at least everybody who gets access to common area of the building, posing as electricity technician, postman or leaflet spammer).

I have bad news for you. People can see on which floor of your building your elevator is. I would suggest pulling off all the elevator displays, after all, seeing elevator going from floor 4 to floor 7 could mean that your mistress is visiting you. What a blatant invasion of privacy from these elevator makers.

Don't let me get started on license plates and people being able to know where you have parked your car....

Comment Re:Rewrites are easier than the first strike (Score 1) 341

Would it be sufficient to pick a badly coded C++ application and write a better implementation in Java? That way Java would shine like C++ does in this case.

Did it in the past. 6 times faster to be exact and we are talking about java 1.3 back then, which barely got basic symantec(?) jit, no Hotspot yet.
I was trying to explain to my boss that original application was braindead and I just optimized the sqls they were using while rewriting the code but he touted 'that new java technology making everything 5-10 times faster' to client anyway...

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