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Comment: Practice your Recovery Method (Score 1) 411

by abfan1127 (#31351448) Attached to: Long-Term Storage of Moderately Large Datasets?
If you go RAID5, have a known method for recovering if a drive fails. Actually perform a recovery before pushing it into service. I say this because some RAID5 cards use nonstandard methods making recovery very difficult and expensive. I'd also consider a process to transfer your datasets to new drives periodically so as not to lose your data.

Comment: Are you sure ? (Score 1) 1146

by abfan1127 (#28957319) Attached to: Navigating a Geek Marriage?
First, I ask why do you want to get married? Make sure you have solid, concrete answers for that question. Many people get married because "its the thing to do". Terrible. One of you will end up owing the other half of everything, this includes your RAID NAS. Second, do your 5/10/20 year plans align? Is she your dream killer? Are you ready to have your dreams killed? Are you sure you want your dreams killed? Do you both want the same out of life? Finally, if you don't have common interests, it will put a strain on the relationship. What happens if some of those common interests dwindle? Do you still have a concrete relationship?

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