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Submission + - Australia copyrights its laws

aberglas writes: A legal company has bought the rights. True! If the Parliaments job is to make money from selling laws it is failing miserably given the cost of running the show. What we need is many more new laws to make the copyright more valuable ... no, wait....

(But we do not yet have the US draconian penalties for infringement, so things get passed around anyway. Until the secret FTA gets implemented ...)

Comment Re:Still A Good Idea (Score 1) 245 245


Some doctors are definitely better than others, just like software engineers. Nurses have been known to hide patients from some doctors. But without some sort of metric how do you detect the outliers?

The trouble with those metrics is that they were simplistic, designed by uninspired bureaucrats, as all metrics normally are. So you only have a choice between no metrics and bad metrics. The latter is probably better, IMHO.

Focusing on standardized teaching tests is similar. If you are going to do it, the tests need to be good. The Australian NAPLAN tests are actually not too bad, although they are limited.

Comment Execute the message (Score 1) 208 208

If we do receive a message that looks like a computer program, we will, of course, execute it. What could possibly go wrong?

We might not be able to find aliens, but they could find us. We have been broadcasting for 100 years, so the number of stars in that light sphere is growing.

How could they cover the vast distances of space? In star wars type space ships? Of course not. We live in an information age, so they they would transmit themselves as computer programs.

("They", of course, would not be little green men but instead be software running on tiny supercomputers.)

Comment I would have put her on the No Fly list. (Score 1) 334 334

Hassling her a few hours is just an inconvenience. But the No Fly list is a real weapon. How is she going to make her unpatriotic films if she cannot go anywhere! There ain't no getting off the No Fly list, even if you were put on by mistake. That would teach her and her ilk.

Think about what it is like to be a DHS agent. You have attended countless meetings detailing just how much threat we are under. You *know* it is true. You work hard to keep Americans safe. And then someone like Poitras comes along. Scum of the earth.

Comment The UK Cost of guarding Assange is the real issue (Score 1) 262 262

Probably nothing to do with statutes of limitations, as there are other charges, that is just and excuse.

The UK has been spending a small fortune providing 24 hr guard on the embassy to ensure that Assange does not sneak out. This is causing issues in the UK. So the UK will have put pressure on Sweden to resolve the impasse.

Assange would have been in and out of relatively comfortable Swedish jails by now if he was found guilty. So one must assume that he at least believes the rendition issue is real.

Also, I understand that Swedish sex trials are held in secret, with no jury, and 2 "lay" judges that are appointed by political parties. So it is likely that he would be found guilty of whatever he was charged with. That said, it would be embarrassing for Sweden if the case was too outrageous.

The fact that Assange was allowed to leave Sweden in the first place is clear evidence that the case against him is weak at best. Certainly not a case of two women screaming "Rape!" as Assange beats them up and rapes them.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 189 189

There is no reliable way to factory reset modern hardware.

Everything is programmable. Everything is flashable. Everything is ridiculously complex, ugly, and impossible to really understand. And the Rusians are good at hacking -- those long hard winters.

What I hope is that they when buy new hardware they specify that it must be truely factory resetable. That means new designs, the current stuff is useless. It would create a much overdue market.

If you want real security use paper.

Comment Re:It would be better to see Differential pricing (Score 1) 45 45

+1. Turnbull once mentioned the issue so is aware of it. But men in corporate suites will always persuade the current government.

I rekon that if it is not available on fair and equitable terms then it does not deserve copyright protection.

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