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Comment: The UK Cost of guarding Assange is the real issue (Score 1) 262 262

Probably nothing to do with statutes of limitations, as there are other charges, that is just and excuse.

The UK has been spending a small fortune providing 24 hr guard on the embassy to ensure that Assange does not sneak out. This is causing issues in the UK. So the UK will have put pressure on Sweden to resolve the impasse.

Assange would have been in and out of relatively comfortable Swedish jails by now if he was found guilty. So one must assume that he at least believes the rendition issue is real.

Also, I understand that Swedish sex trials are held in secret, with no jury, and 2 "lay" judges that are appointed by political parties. So it is likely that he would be found guilty of whatever he was charged with. That said, it would be embarrassing for Sweden if the case was too outrageous.

The fact that Assange was allowed to leave Sweden in the first place is clear evidence that the case against him is weak at best. Certainly not a case of two women screaming "Rape!" as Assange beats them up and rapes them.

Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 189 189

There is no reliable way to factory reset modern hardware.

Everything is programmable. Everything is flashable. Everything is ridiculously complex, ugly, and impossible to really understand. And the Rusians are good at hacking -- those long hard winters.

What I hope is that they when buy new hardware they specify that it must be truely factory resetable. That means new designs, the current stuff is useless. It would create a much overdue market.

If you want real security use paper.

Comment: Re:It would be better to see Differential pricing (Score 1) 45 45

+1. Turnbull once mentioned the issue so is aware of it. But men in corporate suites will always persuade the current government.

I rekon that if it is not available on fair and equitable terms then it does not deserve copyright protection.

Comment: 60bit processors (Score 1) 264 264

Ever wondered why Pascal had packed arrays of char? It was for the Cyber, running 60 bit words. Did a fine job.

C has the PDP 11 architecture baked into its soul, with 8 bit bytes being part of that.

Worse, C has influenced all modern architectures to live within that crude model. For example, how could we have 64 bit pointers without using the upper 16 bits as tag bits? (No, we are never going to use them in our life times, memory access for that much memory would just be too slow. 32 to 64 bit is not the same as 16 to 32 bit.)

Comment: HTTPS / Public Key is (usually the wrong algorithm (Score 1) 89 89

The problem is that it requires users to validate the URLs.

The correct algorithms are PAKEs such as SRP. They do magic that produces strong security from weak passwords (a bit like Diffie Hellman). If the users types the password to a phishing site then no connection can be established. Idiot proof.

Comment: Software for computers, as such. (Score 1) 42 42

The Euro patent legislation specifically bans software patents "as such". But the EPO has interpreted "as such" to means only "pure software" that does does not run on a computer is unpatentable. Once it runs on a computer, it is no longer "as such" and therefor patenable.

Does not make sense, but who cares if you are the judge, jury and executioner. Unified patent is pure evilness.

Comment: Think of the children (Score 1) 137 137

People have missed the key line in the post, which was ... speed up the making of international rules and jointly keep the cyber space peaceful, secure, open and cooperative.

We clearly need more rules to control the internet and everybody would have to agree that China is the international expert on internet control.

Comment: Re:Best not to let Waffen SS perpetuate myths (Score 2) 103 103

> - They grossly compromised their ethics by collaborating with the Nazis to invade Russia.

Be aware that good and evil are defined by the victors from the victors viewpoint. The Nazis were evil incarnate because they were the enemy, Uncle Joe was a good guy because he was attacked by Germany.

The truth is that they were both evil with Stalin being an order of magnitude worse than Hitler. With the notable exception of the Jews, most non-political Germans were not in fear of their lives from Hitler. On the other hand the story of Stalin's purges is almost beyond belief. I think it was Soshtykovich? that said that the war brought in good times because the purges stopped. (The purges killed far more than the war.)

Anyway, in that context, "collaborating with the Nazis" is purely a western point of view. The west did not help Finland one bit during the Winter war, and so it is a bit rough to criticize them for taking the only help that was on offer.

From the Finish point of view it looked like Germany would win so make hay while the sun shines. There was a movement in Finland for "a short border and a long piece", i.e. to push the border back into Russia where its length can be minimized. The Germans wanted the Fins to take Leningrad. But the Fins wisely did neither.

With the wisdom of hindsight, it would have probably been better for the Fins to wait and see. If Stalingrad had fallen there would then be plenty of time to push the soviets out of Finland.

Comment: Re:What are they looking for.... (Score 1) 103 103

They never invaded the USSR, stopped at the original border. Wikipedia is your friend. The USSR stole important territory from the Fins which they still hold.

  (Are you Russian? If so then realize that virtually all you were taught at school is a fabrication.)

That said, as things turned out, the Fins would have been much better off just giving Stalin what he demanded, even if the demand was unreasonable.

Comment: Re:What are they looking for.... (Score 2) 103 103

The Finns are actually responsible for the allied victory in WWII.

The fact that the huge soviet forces could not defeat tiny Finland gave Hitler confidence that the Soviet forces were rotten to the core and so could be easily defeated, despite having Britain undefeated on the western front. And Hitler was correct, although Stalin then stopped purging all his best officers and the Soviets recovered amazingly fast.

The Finns, of course, were very effective, motivated, agile fighters. And after the war we abandoned them because they fought against our ally the friendly sovients. Unlike Germany, Finland had to pay heavy reparations to the Soviets for many years after the war because they dared to prevent the Soviet attack.

(The Soviets only did well in Poland because Germany had already attacked from the east. And until the attack from both fronts the Poles were doing relatively well despite the lack of western support.)

Comment: No Static Typing (Score 3, Interesting) 182 182

For all of PHPs many, many horrors, the one that actually got me the most is the lack of static typing when working with a large body of PHP code (Wordpress). One can wonder at many of the details of arrays etc, but once you know all the gotchas then you can work with them. But no static typing gets you over and over.

It is also interesting that 40 years of careful research into programming language design, including very sophisticated systems such as Algol 68 and Common Lisp, had absolutely no effect on the design of what are the most commonly used hack languages today. (PHP and C.)

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