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Comment: Great Outsourcing Opportunity (Score 1) 173

by aberglas (#47981283) Attached to: Mangalyaan Successfully Put Into Mars Orbit

Instead of spending billions for NASA to maintain the ISS and other dubious enterprises, why not just pay ISRO some of our small change to do it for us. I bet you they could have put a rover on Mars for less than the cost of the wheels on Curiosity. For the cost of Curiosity we could have a rover on Pluto.

Comment: Re:Muslim claim *they* are the victims. (Score 1) 165

There are no doubt a small minority of Muslims in Australia that just might commit violence. The sort of unreasonable, widespread and unjustifiable arrests and other attacks by the Federal Police might just be enough to push them off over the edge.

Remember, that terrorists do not just kill people "because they are evil" as we are told. It is because they are fighting for a (mad) cause which they are willing to die for. With this sort of action the police might just push a few of them over the edge. Plus our recent attempts to stop them going to Syria, which means that the Australian government is essentially supporting the truly evil regime of Bashar al-Asshard.

If a bomb does go off that is great news for the Federal Police and Asio. Much more funding, even more powers, happy days.

That was the effect of the Sydney Hilton Bombing back in 1978. Despite the fact that it is almost certain that in that case the police planted the bomb! (It was not meant to explode.)

Comment: What's in it for the Democrats? (Score 1) 540

by aberglas (#47878761) Attached to: Cuba Calculates Cost of 54yr US Embargo At $1.1 Trillion

Obviously the embargo is nothing to do with the less than perfect human rights in Cuba and everything to do with the large and very vocal Cuban community in the south that hate Cuba with a passion. (Castro et. al. are not angels, but they were never as nasty as Pinochet etc.) The bay of pigs was embarrassing but long before the far more embarrassing Vietnam war, yet Vietnamese are now friends.

But what is in it for the Democrats? The US Cubans hate the democrats anyway and will never vote for them. So why would Obama do such an obviously wrong thing with this endless embargo? Is it just habit?

Comment: Amazing to use such a crude programming language (Score 2) 98

by aberglas (#47762073) Attached to: Project Zero Exploits 'Unexploitable' Glibc Bug

One that a slight slip anywhere in millions of lines of code could produce random memory corruptions with unpredictable consequences. Who would have believed that anybody would even dream of using a language with constructs such as ptr++. And we are surprised to find bugs...

Comment: Re:And today (Score 1) 211

by aberglas (#47504555) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

The experiments on the ISS are almost worthless. A solution looking for a problem. Certainly not worth their huge cost. The reason for having the ISS is most certainly not the science.

And for the enormous cost of servicing the Hubble it could have simply been replaced, several times over if necessary and with the latest technology each time.

The new Webb telescope will not have any human servicing, being too far away. If it needs any, a robot will be sent up to do the job.


Comment: Re:And today (Score 1) 211

by aberglas (#47497103) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

People are obsolete technology for space exploration. Have been for decades.

If the money wasted on manned exploration such as the ISS has actually been spent of useful things we would have the Webb telescope up and running some time ago, probes on Europa etc.

Get over it, Buck Rogers is just for TV. The real world aint like that. And the ISS is an extremely expensive way of producing a bit of TV.

Comment: IFR pilots don't look out the window anyway (Score 1) 468

Remember that turkey that flew through a flock of geese and landed in the Hudson river? Us weekend warriors know that they just let their instruments fly the plane.

Given that is the case the display screens might as well show pretty scenery. Show a nice view over the mountains on a clear day rather than the ugly storm that is actually outside the aircraft. Or maybe just waves rolling in on a beach. Something soothing to pass the time. Airbus is not going to let the pilots actually control the plane anyway given that that often leads to disasters.

Comment: Secure HTM (Score 1) 205

The major source of security issues is the bloated, complex software that we use. So as a first step how about a new standard "Secure HTML". It would look a lot like HTML 4.0 but with many things removed. Of course no JavaScript, IFrames or CSS. Very simple formatting. Content on a page would need to come form the same domain (no request forging). Links of page would always show the off page address, in plain ASCII. Etc.

Just enough to provide functional web pages without glitz. The goal being to make the entire browser code no bigger than the original Mosaic code. So that it can be thoroughly reviewed and made really bug free.

Normal users would not touch it. But for anyone with access to a SCADA system, for example, it could be mandatory. That cuts down one major source of infection.

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