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Comment: Re:Fuck Obamacare (Score 1) 722

by abe ferlman (#46721547) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

Yeah but then again emergency car repair places don't have to fix your car at everyone else's expense if you show up at their door, so the distinction actually makes the case for the ACA. We're already paying for everyone to get health care, we're just doing it in about the dumbest way possible by waiting until they crawl into the ER willing to put themselves in debt forever.

Comment: immature (Score 1) 79

by abe ferlman (#46311169) Attached to: Open Source Video Editor Pitivi Seeks Crowdfunding to Reach 1.0

I tried installing it in Ubuntu 13.10. Segfaulted on the first file I tried to import and complained about not being able to find video/x-surface decoder on the second. I have all the gstreamer good/bad/ugly plugins installed. I know free video editors routinely have problems but this certainly can't be the most mature.

+ - MPAA joins the W3C 1

Submitted by Presto Vivace
Presto Vivace (882157) writes "TechDirt:

The W3C has been at the forefront of open standards and an open internet for many years, obviously. So it's somewhat distressing to see it announced this morning that .

So does the W3C still support open standards?"

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by ImaLamer (#45758313) Attached to: Putting a Panic Button In Smartphone Users' Hands

But the phone doesn't have to call 911. My locked phone gives me super fast access to emergency calls already.

But I used this app for quite some time because I would find myself in dodgy situations weekly. I knew there was a potential for harm, but I knew 911 wasn't going to be my best bet. Instead I already had my "team" know where I was heading and what time - and dialed them if needed so they could relay to 911 what the situation was. Thankfully I only needed it once and showed that I had and it was a deterrent to save my face, teeth and probably my life. In my case the thug I was dealing with was smarter than the woman who called 911 over nuggets of flesh.

Basically - not every situation is 911-worthy, but in some cases you may need help from a friend quickly and there are current solutions.

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