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Journal Journal: My musical choices

as of late, my musical choices have changed. Not much, but a little. in the car, I still listen to the same mod rock/top 40 stuff ive always listened too, but as of late, I have been listening to more artists that I never thought id like.

Today at best buy, I went CD shopping. I figured they would have the best price...WRONG. Friggin Live at Leeds from The Who was 30 bucks...thirty bucks for that. Hell, almost any 2 disc set was thirty bucks. I cant afford that. So what do I do? I pick up the Wilco CD Yankee Hotel Foxtrot from the rack (its right next to the who section), and purchase it. wise decision adam. best damn non-greatest-hits cd i ever bought. ever.

i guess that type of music is helpful on the friggin day before war.

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Journal Journal: I hate myself

today I fucked it up good.

I rebooted without checking my (already screwed up) file. No kerberos libraries found. So I spend about a hour trouble shooting my self. it was great i guess.

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Journal Journal: Linux, VNC, revolution os and me

I've gotten used to using Linux on a daily basis now. I'm pimping it out to my roomie (who is still a daily windows user) via a VNC connection(which is TOTALLY unsecure, I need to tell iptables to block it except for him (and write a script to pass the ifconfig output to a html file on the school CS department web server(which should be simple. just need to write it))). Other than that my week has involved getting email from J.T.S Moore about showing revolution os at my school. I hope i can talk them cheap and lazy bastards into showing it.

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