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Comment: Re:Precious Snowflakes (Score 1) 1316

by abaird (#27204593) Attached to: Narcissistic College Graduates In the Workplace?
That's too bad - it sounds like you don't enjoy travel jobs. I have a job that takes me all over rural areas and overseas and I enjoy it all immensely. Culture fascinates me - even the subtle differences between a place like Kansas and Washington or the major differences like US versus China. I enjoy meeting new people and socializing with them. I like traveling in a new city, where normally simple things become challenging feats. The free meals and drinks are really just the icing on the cake, not the reason I love it. If I had obligations to a family, I would not have even considered a travel job in the first place. Your domestic relationships are definitely going to suffer.

Comment: Re:Shitty web design is not a "blind" problem (Score 1) 663

by abaird (#23110468) Attached to: Do the Blind Deserve More Effort on the Web?
These are features that you may not want, but plenty of other people do. In fact, _most_ of the general web surfing populace wants things like "print this page" and "email to a friend". Localizing a web page to a specific region is very important, especially to big corporations that are attempting to provide support for their software or hardware. Although I agree that a simple, intuitive design is always best, this does not mean we need to "dumb down" all the other features that some people find very useful. I think a possible solution to these problems is separating the presentation from the content. This is already starting to happen - CSS/XHTML is a step in the right direction, but it's only a small step.

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