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Comment Re:Aaron (founder of Musopen) any ? I can answer? (Score 1) 142

Excellent questions. The main reason is that many of these performers are doing this for free. They love the idea, or they wouldn't have even responded to my emails. Others are doing this because they just want Musopen to cover the cost of a professional recording studio, so they have a top-notch portfolio. So most of the funds from this will be covering the concerti and recording studio costs, more than the "labor." Aaron

Comment Re:API? (Score 5, Informative) 142

API for Chopin actually. And it will be if we make it :) It'll be structured data: listing of all his music with composition dates links from each recording to his sheet music list of major events in his life wikipedia and liner notes about each piece geographical information related to the music or events in his life etc. So people can try to do various things, node map, timelines. We have some of our own ideas we'd like to try.

Comment Re:Aaron (founder of Musopen) any ? I can answer? (Score 5, Informative) 142

I should add, /. was absolutely essential to the success of our first Kickstarter. I should release some info on our backers from the first time around, it's pretty interesting data. Suffice to say Slashdot referrals made up 30% of the total. So I guess I'm saying I'm counting on you :)

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