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Comment: Beyond Ads (Score 1) 275

by aarenz (#36106494) Attached to: Google Lobbies Nevada To Allow Self-Driving Cars
OK, so the gogol controls my car and it passes a high paying advertiser, does it take a swing through the lot so I can see the digital ads on the front of the building, or does it just park there until I buy something more than $100 value. This does not bother me at all because the car does not have a windows logo or an apple on it.

Comment: Remove robots from the mix (Score 1) 59

by aarenz (#35968416) Attached to: My Crowdsourced Follow-Up About Crowdsourcing
Make sure that the vote options are randomly displayed using a graphic image to determine which is yes and which is no, so you could stop someone from writing some simple script to watch for the facebook voting page and click yes or no by default. Sort of like forcing two fields to capture email with neither of them called email on signup pages.

Comment: Was down for a while, but came back big (Score 1) 263

by aarenz (#34710648) Attached to: The Significant Decline of Spam
I was noticing fewer items in my spam filter reports declining indeed in October. Looking at recent week or so, it has jumped to a level that I have never had before. This is based on my business account as well as an old email address that I use. I suspect that they have figure out a new method, or were able to breathe life back into all of the bots that they already control. This will be a continuing effort until there are swift and painful punishment for spammers when caught.

Spam will be stopped in the same way that drug trafficing will be stopped, by education and ability to make it profitable. As long as money is there, people will always step forward to rake it in.

Comment: Re:Logistic issues I see: (Score 2) 431

by aarenz (#34432866) Attached to: Foodtubes Proposes Underground, Physical Internet
OK, if they are going to do that, why not just make them a bit larger and then we can get to work without driving a car. Lay down in the capsule and get routed to work.

The price for this would be huge. If that made any sense at all we would all have beer tubes and fiber connections for communication already into our houses through underground utility ducts.

Comment: Re:Decent competitor? (Score 1) 657

by aarenz (#33869304) Attached to: GM Criticized Over Chevy Volt's Hybrid Similarities
There is no need for truth in advertising. The campaign ads that run now are great proof of that. Those same people that run the ads are running GM. The government needs to have GM survive so that they look like they made the right choice. Check out the fuel economy listed for GM cars. They all jumped 3 to 5 MPG this year when the method for testing caused almost all other cars to drop 1 to 2 MPG. Hmmm.... Wonder who enforces those claims?

Comment: Re:Comparisons (Score 3, Informative) 126

by aarenz (#33863056) Attached to: Small Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth Tomorrow
Please read article, the distance is measured from the center of the earth. So it is only 28,000 miles from the surface, which is right in the gesynch range, based on size, composition and speed, it could vary more than 2,000 miles during its pass near our big old earth. Goodbye dish network, or maybe that sat phone uplink from midway island.

Comment: Re:Geosync is only 26200 miles (Score 1) 126

by aarenz (#33862982) Attached to: Small Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth Tomorrow
The damage that would be done if it took out a core communication sat is very high, so you need to balance that into the overall risk calculation, so even very low probability equates to high risk when multiplied on financial and social impact. Or is this just being put out by North Korea to cover up their latest attempt to take down a satellite?

Comment: Re:Well that's stupid. (Score 1) 495

So we should complain about all books that are written with that subject matter and have them changed to "other people" in their description of any force outside of america that has ever killed a soldier and still exists.

I will start the fire up to start the book burning. NOT!!!

Comment: Re:Battery life might be a concern. (Score 1) 328

by aarenz (#33263034) Attached to: Recycling an Android Phone As a Handheld GPS?
Magellen eXplorist series GPS is about $350, but will come with enough mapping software that will include lakes and lake depth, rivers and hiking paths, doubt that most software for a cell phone include that. Also the water protection issue would be big. The unit in question at http://www.magellangps.com/products/product.asp?segID=355 also has a 3.2MP camera built in, so you could take pictures of the best tree location or duck blind set of bushes and geotag. I have a much older version with B&W screen, but it does a great job in parks and in areas with rivers that are not normally easy to traverse. Mine will do 12 hours or more with the screen on and nearly 24 with just occasional use of the screen.

Comment: Does raise an interesting question (Score 1) 83

by aarenz (#33166168) Attached to: Volkswagen Creates Sewage-Powered Beetle
Where does all that methane from sewers and waste treatment plants go right now. I heard that methane that occurs naturally generates much of the greenhouse gasses that we have in the atmosphere. Maybe each house should get a small methane collector instead of letting it all go out the vent in the roof! Especially those houses with a septic tank.

Comment: Is it for a book or the internet? (Score 1) 814

by aarenz (#33141094) Attached to: Sentence Spacing — 1 Space or 2?
For all of you that posted comments, no matter how many spaces you put between the period and the next word, nearly all of us will see it as one, since the default for browsers is to compress white space. Unless you all put multiple "&nbsp" codes between your sentences, then they all came out as a single space to the world. So it looks like firefox, safari, chrome and IE have made that choice a non-issue for us, unless we really get our hands dirty writing HTML.

Comment: Re:+1 insightful (Score 1) 205

by aarenz (#33137670) Attached to: Why NASA's New Video Game Misses the Point
Maybe I did not see the vision they had for the game. The interface and selecting objects made me feel like I was back on an early PC game. You have to step away from objects to select them and your avitar is just plain bad reaction time. Tried to run the gambit several times. Would assume that in real life, there would be some advice being given by someone else during your efforts, like when to use to rover and what items to repair first. I like the idea of everyone suffocating on each attempt, but I too have done "delete local content" because it was not what I was expecting. The whole trace the circuit to bypass was like moving fast in molasses, Low gravity, does not mean everything moves slow, just things that are falling.

Comment: Read all of the info (Score 2, Informative) 197

by aarenz (#33089244) Attached to: Woman's Nude Pics End Up Online After Call To Tech Support
She was trying to delete the pictures from an email that she had already sent to her boyfriend. I wonder if they are still dating, or if he just posted them in a drunken stupor one night. Dell was not the only one with access to the pictures and there will be little way to trace where the posting came from.

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