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Comment Re:No. Give the control to the users (Score 1) 259

I have had the privilege to block slashdot ads for ages.

We all have, all you have to do is install adblock plus. (Or, now, one of the better adblock plugins). A bonus using external ad blockers: it can block the ads that slashdot's "disable advertising" checkbox doesn't affect.

Comment Re:The difference between an 'event' and a 'race' (Score 1) 142

And most people don't go to gyms, so this is an irrelevant point.

People who are not active are going to be very unlikely to start biking rather than driving.

You're the one who was whining about people making assumptions without appropriate data. Unless you have data to demonstrate that most of the calories consumed by people switching to biking are going to be added consumption, you can't pretend that it's an irrelevant point.

Comment Re:The difference between an 'event' and a 'race' (Score 1) 142

Your analysis is missing a very fundamental point. The only calories that it makes sense to count are the extra calories that someone consumes as a direct result of cycling. There's no guarantee that it will be 100% of the calories used, and it could easily be zero. An obvious case -- if you bike to work instead of going to the gym, you could save a car trip with no net increase in calorie intake.

Comment Re:What other choice is there? (Score 1) 344

A lot of people are going to vote for her because she seems to be the only Democrat that is going to have a chance of winning...

Anyone who votes for her based on that logic is so stupid that they don't deserve to live, much less vote. Hillary being the Democrat nominee is the absolute best way of guaranteeing that we end up with a Republican president.

Comment SubjectsSuck (Score 1) 21

But I started with an LED light just a Happy Light in the morning. I found that if I was able to drag myself out of bed, make it to my computer desk, and flip on that light, within ten to fifteen seconds itâ(TM)d be better than a cup of coffee. And now I have the ability to get that very same effect without even leaving my bed.

You know, you could have just bought a $10 timer and used it to turn on the light too...

Comment Re:a nice Linux trick (Score 1) 698

Swapping Caps and Escape has changed my life to the extent I would consider carrying little stickers around for all the keyboards I remap. Unsurprisingly, I'm a fairly heavy vim user...

If you swap caps with control, then in vim you can use Control-[ for escape, which is also a pretty good option. (That's what I do.)

On Gnome 3, I have recently switched from using xmodmap to setting org.desktop.gnome.input-sources.xkb-options to ['caps:swapescape'] in dconf-editor. Much easier.

The problem I had was I wanted to map the CapsLock key to Control, and the LeftCtrl key to Hyper. There are built-in xkb rules for doing both, but they don't work right when you try to combine them, and the documentation available for xkb is hard to understand, to say the least. I finally got it working by hacking one of the rules definitions in the system-provided definition files to do what I wanted -- I gave up trying to figure out how to do it the "right" way.

Comment Re:a nice Linux trick (Score 1) 698

Unfortunately it's hard to get xmodmap to play nicely in cases like hotplugging keyboards or using Gnome, at least under Linux. There is a standard option for swapping caps lock and control (or escape, or several other similar options), but if you want a layout option that isn't built-in, then prepare yourself for a world of frustration.

Comment SubjectsSuck (Score 3, Interesting) 698

I can I invest in a real alternate keyboard with a different layout...

You could also invest in a tool to remap the key next to 'A' to "Control," like God intended. You don't need to get a whole new keyboard. Write on the key with a marker if you're the kind of person that looks at key labels when you're typing.

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