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Comment: Great(!) (Score 1) 68

by aaaurgh (#38059780) Attached to: Aussie Bank Wants To Trade Social Network Data For Better Deals
Sounds like I'll be propping up the bank with high fees as opposed to all those sad faceslap, twatter, etc.b*****s who share every piece of cr*p with the world and it's dog.

I don't have a single "social" account, /. is the closest thing I have to social networking! If they bring this in I'll change banks, assuming it gets past all the regulations and anti-competitive restrictions.

Comment: Easy if you have your own domain... (Score 1) 151

by aaaurgh (#37453286) Attached to: When Does Signing Up Become 'Opting In?'
Each and every site I sign up to gets a unique e-mail address and all my mail goes through both my gmail account and isp filtering.

While I prefer to have the choice to opt out at sign up (and have that choice respected), this method means I can simply update or remove just one e-mail address and stop the problem should a site not respect my wishes.

Adds a tiny admin. overhead to each sign-up but is worth it

Comment: Design Patterns (Score 1) 624

by aaaurgh (#37306074) Attached to: What Is the Most Influential Programming Book?
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by the "Gang of Four" (Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides).

Not that there were any main-stream OO languages available when I started programming (mumble) years ago, nor was it written for another decade or more, but...

Comment: You can protect yourself better (Score 2) 159

by aaaurgh (#36832132) Attached to: 8% of Android Apps Are Leaking Private Information
I use the LBE Security app which allows me to more closely control what I want an app to have access to, it's a bit like a permissions based firewall - you can block specific permissions on each app. It does result in the odd FC if you tighten it down too far on everything but it's usually possible to find a workable combination. e.g. permit an app to access the phone id. (which it expects to always have access to and which causes it to FC if not) but then block it's access to the network (which cannot always be expected to be available)... so what if it knows the id. if it cannot report it.

Comment: Won't get in our house (Score 2) 281

by aaaurgh (#35663760) Attached to: Does 3D Make Your Head Happy Or Ache?
My wife cannot watch 3D, old tech. or new, it always gives her a headache and/or makes her nauseous so we won't be getting a 3D tv. When faced with a 3D movie or nothing option at the cinema (usually when taking the kids), she either doesn't wear the glasses or blanks out one len with a piece of paper or card.

We did manage to get a couple of pairs of glasses for our regular cinema and "adapted" them to have two right-hand lenses (doesn't look great but so what) so she can use both eyes but only gets one perspective which means a clear image but no headache. However, as different cinemas use different technologies, we can't use these at all outlets.

We consider 3D to be a gimmick and nothing more - if the movie can't hold its own without having to resort to cheap (or not so cheap) 3D special effects then we're not interested. Case in point - Avatar, nothing more than Dances With Wolves In Space and, just like Dances With Wolves, a thin story line dragged out about an hour too long but with an overdose of animation instead of long wilderness panoramas.

Comment: Ejecting the floppy on Mac (Score 1) 465

by aaaurgh (#35330046) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is the Recycle Bin a Good GUI Metaphor?
Firing up the way back machine... I never understood the rationale behind the drag the floppy to the bin to eject it functionality on the old Apple Macs (late 80's, early 90's) - made no sense to me at all, suggested formatting rather than ejecting. Is it the same for CD/DVD, I haven't used Apple for many years?

Comment: Re:Talking of dumb... (Score 1) 328

by aaaurgh (#30531818) Attached to: The 87 Lamest Moments In Tech, 2000-2009
Interesting, when I originally clicked the second definition link on the m-w page in question nothing happened, I couldn't get to the second one whatever I did so I presumed it to be an erroneous entry (naturally it works now though). I bow to your knowledge and apologise. However, I do still think the term to be uncommon, I've never heard it myself in Oz or the UK and continue to think it unwise for people to use colloquialisms when there are far more suitable words available that would not cause confusion - your own suggestion of "lots" for example.

+ - The Unspoken Truth About Why Your IT Sucks -> 1

Submitted by Lucas123
Lucas123 (935744) writes "If you expect IT to be used to reduce costs, increase capability and reduce work load, then along with the technology you need competence to advanced knowledge of possibilities, the creativity to derive or invent solutions with that knowledge, and the (un)common sense to assess the implications of such solutions. As Computerworld columnist Jeff Ello so eloquently puts it, 'Technology is unable to produce intelligent results without intelligent direction, a truism encapsulated in the formerly popular computer acronym GIGO, 'garbage in, garbage out.' Everyone claims to value competence. And yet your IT still — for lack of a better term — sucks. It's just that simple. What goes unspoken, or at least unheard, is that the way the typical organization positions and utilizes its IT resources sucks.'"
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