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Comment: Training Budget (Score 1) 178

by aaarrrgggh (#47965003) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who Should Pay Costs To Attend Conferences?

Public and companies with government contracts are different than the private sector, and selling taxpayers on a conference in Las Vegas can be difficult.

In the private sector, companies should budget about 5% of annual salary for training. That includes time and expenses. Usually our approach is to make sure the employee has some skin in the game-- either pay part of the cost or take PTO to attend if it isn't after-hours.

As an employer, I am generally torn on the matter though; much of the benefit is to the employee rather than the employer; I care that you can do your job not that you have a piece of paper that says you can do your job. New technologies, keeping skills sharp, networking... all of those things have a split benefit.

Comment: Re:Junk quality; why bother? (Score 1) 111

by aaarrrgggh (#47861281) Attached to: Home Depot Confirms Breach of Its Payment Systems

Most local family-owned shops are effectively Ace or one of the other franchises. While not all the inventory comes from the franchiser, it's quality is usually lower to be at the same retail price. Lowes seems to have higher quality, higher-priced products consistently, but it seems to miss the balance on the value scale.

I bought a Husky tool cabinet last year for under $300, where the comparable product from Lowes was $700. Lowes was hands-down better in terms of construction quality, design, and features... but for my needs the cost wasn't warranted.

Know when you want/need quality, and know when you need to get the job done. The product is the key though, not the merchant.

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by aaarrrgggh (#47861193) Attached to: Home Depot Confirms Breach of Its Payment Systems

It is easier than that; the token needs to have merchant, amount, date/time hashed in; you approve that information before entering your pin.

There are hard issues... like what to do with credit reports that rely on a non-random 9-digit social security number as keys to the kingdom, but securing the transaction between consumer, merchant, and bank isn't that hard.

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by aaarrrgggh (#47747289) Attached to: Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

The GP is referring to the classic problem of collaborating with a single document. Party A provides base information, B edits information, A reviews changes and makes further updates. Collaborating with a PDF is called markup, and relies on a single party to be responsible for editing. Not sure if Google Docs does a good enough job on resumes yet to work.

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