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Comment: Re:Junk quality; why bother? (Score 1) 111

by aaarrrgggh (#47861281) Attached to: Home Depot Confirms Breach of Its Payment Systems

Most local family-owned shops are effectively Ace or one of the other franchises. While not all the inventory comes from the franchiser, it's quality is usually lower to be at the same retail price. Lowes seems to have higher quality, higher-priced products consistently, but it seems to miss the balance on the value scale.

I bought a Husky tool cabinet last year for under $300, where the comparable product from Lowes was $700. Lowes was hands-down better in terms of construction quality, design, and features... but for my needs the cost wasn't warranted.

Know when you want/need quality, and know when you need to get the job done. The product is the key though, not the merchant.

Comment: Re:CC system is flawed (Score 1) 111

by aaarrrgggh (#47861193) Attached to: Home Depot Confirms Breach of Its Payment Systems

It is easier than that; the token needs to have merchant, amount, date/time hashed in; you approve that information before entering your pin.

There are hard issues... like what to do with credit reports that rely on a non-random 9-digit social security number as keys to the kingdom, but securing the transaction between consumer, merchant, and bank isn't that hard.

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The GP is referring to the classic problem of collaborating with a single document. Party A provides base information, B edits information, A reviews changes and makes further updates. Collaborating with a PDF is called markup, and relies on a single party to be responsible for editing. Not sure if Google Docs does a good enough job on resumes yet to work.

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Because transient residents are not intimately familiar with the fire escapes and layout of the building. Smoke compartments must be smaller, low-level exit signs are generally required (so someone can see them when crawling), and requirements for secondary exits are different. And... you must post a sign at the door indicating exit locations.

I am torn on the issue; in a place like San Francisco or NYC, the issue of taking units out of the rental pool is quite serious. This becomes worse where you have rent control. On the flip side, it is nice to have options when you stay in a place without sufficient traditional lodging offerings. Bed and breakfast establishments aren't really my cup of tea personally, but having a small apartment or house for a few days can put you more in the center of a community.

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