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Comment Welcome to Asia, America! (Score 1) 412

The space is pretty much the norm, by Asian standards. So basically they've taken an idea from East Asian (e.g. Japan but also including the less developed countries of South-East Asia and the non-ghost cities of China) countries with high urban densities and marketed it for Americans who don't want to live in the suburbs. The big difference is that they forgot to add additional stacks, since the typical configuration is packed both horizontally and vertically (i.e. high-rises).

Comment Near monopoly?! (Score 4, Informative) 90

"Qualcomm has a near monopoly on Android SoCs"

What about Mediatek, Samsung (Exynos SoCs in many of their top-selling phones and tablets), the Chinese fabless semicons like Rockchip, Allwinner, etc, even Intel (Asus Zen phones/tablets)? Statistics please without qualifiers like, a near monopoly on tablets sold by LG, Moto, and so-and-so company.

Comment Re:Argument's silver anniversary (Score 1) 104

"More desktop users are using Windows 10 than use Linux - of any kernel number. By that logic, Windows must be better."

Apples to oranges. Windows 10 is an OS. Linux is a kernel. If you mean GNU/Linux, then yes desktop Windows, by that logic, is the better desktop OS (can play latest and greatest games, easier to install, better hardware support, etc). You can include Android and various other systems (embedded or otherewise) that use the Linux kernel, then you have an installed base larger than all Windows versions combined. Many of them power the Net of things, but Android is a front-facing Linux-based system (one of many). For many mobile use cases, Android is the better OS (more difficult than IOS but less confusing than Winphone).

Comment Collateral (Score 2) 100

"Capital invested may be lost, and in any event it's unavailable for other use so long as it is invested."

I wish that were true. But have you heard of the word "collateral", not as in collateral damage, but as in the thing that you put in your loan application? Yes, it's possible to use the same money in more than one investment. The financial system is really a massive Ponzi scheme until the people start panicking and try to cash out.

Comment Wrong pronoun (Score 1) 65

"We're thoughtfully applying it," Sundar said. What he really meant was "'They're thoughtfully applying it across all our products, be it search, ads, YouTube, or Play. We're in the early days, but you'll see them in a systematic way think about how they can apply themselves to all these areas." All hail to our algorithmic overlords.

Comment Re:Why should? (Score 1) 397

The only control I need in an autonomous car is a stop/abort button. Why? Because when the car starts to swerve dangerously I'd probably be too panicked to decide whether to hit the pedestrian or hit the back of the truck. If I press abort, the car should deactivate itself gracefully. As for manual controls, the steering wheel is itself an abstraction of the actual state of the car wheels. The steering wheel is effectively a primitive computer that automates the direction the car wheels point.

Comment Safety manager (Score 0) 328

Not taking sides until more info comes in. But interesting is the blog's use of the word "safety manager" for the guys who temporarily detained the journalists. So know everybody's a manager: sanitation manager (janitor), information manager (reporter), image acquisition manager (photographer) ...

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