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Comment Re:gzip or 7zip? (Score 2) 748

rar is not free software, and I believe the open source part of it isn't enough to compress but merely decompress a .rar archive. So in this case it's necessary to reinvent the wheel. Also, a web compression format has different needs to an compression format primarily used for disk-based archival. Web formats need to be fast or your cat videos will take forever and a second to load. Offline formats could be optimized for size so you can store more kittens in your hard drive. Note that there are general purpose compression formats (rar, xz, bz2) for compressing random files, and specialized formats optimized for particular file or media types (eg: jpeg, flac, mp4)

Comment Blame it on the D (Score 1) 149

I suspect it's because you're using a BSD. I don't mean that as an insult to the BSDs but to the Linux-centric cruft the Gnome developers have been adding to their beloved DE, not the least among them the hard-coded dependency on SystemD(ead).

Just stick to Lumina (hope it gets a proper Linux port) or LXDE or its even more awesome-looking QT-based successor.

Comment From one Indian to another (Score 1) 43

Maybe the fact the two companies are now led by Indian Americans also has something to do with the de-escalation? I don't know much about the different Indian cultures, but it appears that the families of both MS CEO Satya Nadella and and Google CEO Sundar Pichai come from southern India (different states though). Of course this doesn't explain why the former European American CEOs of the two companies couldn't get along with each other.

Comment A different kind of beast (Score 1) 308

"They can reuse a lot of their existing software with minimal changes, and reuse their existing developers. Real embedded and Linux experts are much less common and much more expensive than .NET monkeys."

WinPi comes with a stripped down version of Windows that doesn't even run a desktop. Most of the software written for desktop Windows is gui-fied by default.

Any software that runs without the need for a GUI tends to be common development languages and environments that also runs on Linux as well, so any advantage is negated. This is besides the fact that Windows software development tends to be business-oriented which is not a market the Raspberry Pi is known to serve well.

So, no, you can't just stick in a .NET monkey into your Raspberry Pi Project.

Comment Moon as a gas station (Score 4, Insightful) 194

"no it doesn't. it proves it should not go at all."

Have you read the article at all? Its main point is quite simple, the moon could be used as a refuelling stop for a Mars mission. Since most of the mass involved in a trip to Mars consists of fuel, the use of the Moon as a sort of interplanetary gas station would greatly reduce the number of trips need to rocket people to Mars.

This is the point you should rebut to support your assertion it's bullocks to go to Mars.

Comment hosts file IP blocking? (Score 1) 229

The only kind of ad blocking I trust is localhost redirects via /etc/hosts. This is what I do for my desktop and Android phone. I believe there's a similar mechanism for Windows. Since iOS is running a BSD base, wouldn't it be the same for iPhones? Create a host file with something like:

Comment A better Second Life? (Score 1) 56

Since FB is a social networking site, I see the Rift's most obvious FBooky application a souped-up version of Second Life. FB's real names policy appears not to cover profile photos, so by extrapolation users could adopt catgirl or Spock avatars so long as they have an ID or tag of some sort identifying who they really are.

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