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Comment: Re:with what? (Score 4, Insightful) 182

by _merlin (#48625089) Attached to: US Links North Korea To Sony Hacking

Keep in mind, I can't recall if it was 2k11 or 2k12 but the Obama admin did not exactly dispute the pentagons view that "cyber" attacks could/should be viewed as an act of war. The "terror" threats against theaters have escalated things from a criminal matter, attack on a corporation, to a state matter attack on the public and order; therefore some kind of "response" is required. I am sure 0bama is trying to find a way to "do something" or appear to be without pissing off the Chinese.

So the US has committed acts of war against Germany by tapping their head of state's phone, etc. Or is it only an act of war when it's against US interests?

Comment: Re:Check your math. (Score 1) 879

by _merlin (#48599461) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

How does this legitimise the raids? They didn't get anyone connected to this incident when they conducted the raids. They didn't obtain any information allowing them to predict or prevent today's incident. They didn't even manage to charge anyone. All they did was piss off a significant proportion of the population by harassing people who, as far as we can tell, were innocent (lack of charges points to this). For all we know, today's incident could be a direct result of the raids. Harassing innocent people tends to radicalise them.

Comment: Re:Professional courtesy (Score 1) 55

by _merlin (#48588495) Attached to: Attorney General Won't Force New York Times Reporter To Reveal Source

You obviously aren't a whore and don't know any. Whores don't try to poach customers from each other. Whores don't take it personally when a customer chooses another whore. I could go on, but it's off-topic. But I can assure you, professional courtesy definitely exists among whores.

Comment: Re:Nerd Point of Contention (Score 2) 222

I don't think there was a mad scramble to copycat, the Dual Shock is a better controller than the N64 controller.. Nintendo should have never let Shiggy near the controller design people.

The funny thing is, the PlayStation controller is very much a clone of the SNES pad layout. All equivalent buttons in the same places. They just added some extra shoulder buttons, jammed in analog sticks within thumb reach, and then added vibration.

Comment: Re:Effort dilution (Score 1) 254

by _merlin (#48534765) Attached to: Node.js Forked By Top Contributors

Funny, the biggest issue I get with switching RHD to LHD is checking my blind spot over the opposite shoulder. The motion feels unnatural.

PAL actually has reasons besides intentional incompatibility. Alternating phase on alternate lines makes it possible to correct for phase shift, so the tint control can be set and forgotten.

Comment: Re:Apple pay already lost... (Score 1) 375

by _merlin (#48512091) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 are capable of emulating EMV provided you have an app from your bank (in Australia CBA and Westpac provide apps, I think some UK banks do as well). It's coming to everyone slowly but steadily. Apple Pay is just Apple's spiffy marketing for their implementation of EMV emulation on a smartphone.

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