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Comment Passengers love it? Really? (Score 5, Insightful) 345

As a frequent flyer, I'd much rather fly on an Airbus or a 777 than a 747. The 747 is noisy, it vibrates, and it's just generally unrefined. Sure it was an impressive plane several decades ago, when the competition was trijets like the DC10, but the world has moved on. In a way I'll still be kinda sad to see an icon of 20th century aviation go. It's also a far more elegant-looking on the outside than the A380. The A380 is pretty ugly front-on, but the 747 has nice lines.

Comment Re:Not all split-screen games slow down (Score 1) 147

Mario Kart 8 drops to 30fps for 3- or 4-player (from 60fps in 1- or 2-player). The gameplay doesn't slow down though. "Blast processing" was just Sega bullshit for only checking collisions every few frames. That made it really easy to glitch the Sonic games and get stuck in places that were supposed to be inaccessible.

Comment Re:a recent AVGN video talked about this. (Score 1) 147

In my house, gaming is a family thing. My wife and I fire up the Nintendo and have a few games with the kids (or wait until they're asleep and play a game without them). Games that require one console per player just aren't an option. It's nice that Mario Kart 8 even allows two people to play online with one console.

Comment Re:Fragmentation... (Score 1) 378

I don't see why this has been modded down. Suspend/resume has worked fine on OSX since 10.1 for me at least. My experience with suspend/resume on Windows has been hit and miss, and I haven't tried in on Linux (I run Linux in VMs and on servers, not on desktops/notebooks). I've heard people complain about suspend/resume on Linux, but the other day I saw a friend of mine having no trouble with suspend/resume with Ubuntu on a Toshiba notebook.

Submission + - VirtualBox 5.0 released

chocobanana writes: VirtualBox 5.0 has been released. This one surprisingly went under the radar for quite a while!

From the official press release page:

The 5.0 release supports the latest guest or host operating systems including: Mac OS X Yosemite, Windows 10, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, other Linux operating systems, and legacy operating systems. New capabilities in Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0:

  • Paravirtualization Support for Windows and Linux Guests: Significantly improves guest OS performance by leveraging built-in virtualization support on operating systems such as Oracle Linux 7 and Microsoft Windows 7 and newer.
  • Improved CPU Utilization: Exposes a broader set of CPU instructions to the guest OS, enabling applications to make use of the latest hardware instruction sets for maximum performance.
  • Support of USB 3.0 Devices: Guest operating systems can directly recognize USB 3.0 devices and operate at full 3.0 speeds. The guest OS can be configured to support USB 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0.
  • Bi-Directional Drag and Drop Support for Windows: On all host platforms, Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris guests now support “drag and drop” of content between the host and the guest. The drag and drop feature transparently allows copying or opening of files, directories, and more.
  • Disk Image Encryption: Data can be encrypted on virtual hard disk images transparently during runtime, using the industry standard AES algorithm with up to 256 bit data encryption keys (DEK). This helps ensure data is secure and encrypted at all times, whether the VM is sitting unused on a developer's machine or server, or actively in use.

Downloads available in the official downloads page.

Is this still a case for considering Virtualbox's development at a standtill?

Comment Re:People still use GCC? (Score 1) 91

Yes, one supported configuration for building MAME is using Clang on Linux. It links against distro-provided, GCC-built libstdc++ and Qt4. It definitely works using Clang 3.4 or later on Fedora 20 or later. I've also successfully built applications with Clang against distro-provided, GCC-built libstdc++, xerces-c and Clang on CentOS 6 and later, and Fedora 20 and later.

There are some issues with experimental C++14 mode in Clang that cause it to choke on some of the libstdc++ headers, but these are real known bugs in Clang to be fixed, and C++14 mode is still considered experimental. Also, at present libc++ is still considered experimental and it's recommended that you use GNU libstdc++ when building with Clang on Linux unless you want to report and deal with bugs.

Comment Re: Kanbun: Reordering Chinese to Japanese (Score 1) 196

Gah posting at 4:20AM is a bad idea. I emphasised destination in the second example. To emphasise means of transport: Hikouki de Beijing ni Shanghai kara ikimasu. Just put the aspect you want to emphasise (and it's associated particle) first. The only part that absolutely must be in a certain place in the sentence is the verb that comes last.

Comment Re: Kanbun: Reordering Chinese to Japanese (Score 2) 196

That sentence doesn't require multiple verb clauses in Japanese. You can use destination, origin and means particles "ni", "kara" and "de": Watashi wa Shanghai kara Beijing ni hikouki de ikimasu. Since it's a single verb clause you can reorder it however you want for emphasis as long as the verb comes last - the way I have it there emphasises the subject. If you want to emphasise means of travel and use implicit speaker-as-subject, you can say: Beijing ni Shanghai kara hikouki de ikimasu. It's all easy as long as you get your particles right.

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