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Comment: Re:Poor delusional old man (Score 1) 190

by _merlin (#48854821) Attached to: Japanese Nobel Laureate Blasts His Country's Treatment of Inventors

They can write all kinds of things into employment contracts but they may not be legally enforceable. For example in Australia an employer may claim ownership of an employee's inventions/patents relating to their core business, but not all inventions/patents in general.

Comment: Re:Call me crazy (Score 1) 115

by _merlin (#48780011) Attached to: Closure On the Linux Lockup Bug

The upper 32 bits of the current timer value are latched into the register at the upper address when the lower 32 bits are read from the lower address.

Well in that case, you'd need to ensure the lower 32 bits are read first so you're reading the upper 32 bits that you latched this time through, not last time through. And if that's the case, the code is still wrong because there's nothing to force a sequence point between the two reads. The compiler is free to re-order the two reads in that expression.

Comment: Re:very impressive (Score 1) 135

by _merlin (#48770899) Attached to: First OSX Bootkit Revealed

Hedge funds employ lots of tech people. Someone has to write trading strategies, systems for getting generated orders to the brokers/exchanges, systems for assigning trades to accounts, and the glue that holds it all together. They also need an army of IT operations, support and security staff to keep the beast running.

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