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Comment Re:Does this really change anything? (Score 1) 85

Oh but what about official firmware updates you ask?
I've yet to own a device that's ever received one.

What shitty unsupported devices are you buying? Every wifi AP and DSL modem I've bought has had at least one official firmware update after purchase, including an old Netgear DG632 (still in use), three generations of Apple AirPort Express, some shitty Billion DSL router, and an AVM FritzBox.

Comment Re:Barcode scanner = keyboard (Score 1) 79

It will work on anything that supports a standard USB keyboard, assuming the keyboard layout selected on the host device matches what the barcode reader is generating key-presses for (e.g. if you have French keyboard but the barcode reader generates US key-presses selected you'll get A instead of Q).

Comment Re:Still Miss Eudora (Score 2) 34

I had that issue with an older e-mail client. I worked around it by creating an xinetd service listening on a local TCP port that establishes the TLS connection to the e-mail server using the ncat (from nmap project). The mail client opens a plaintext connection to the local server and it all works nicely.

Comment Re:And that's (Score 2) 69

You're completely missing the point of the article: it doesn't matter if your development environment is clean if a library you use was built in a trojanised environment. Whichever IDE or build tool you use the same applies. It wouldn't have mattered whether the app developer used clean Xcode, clean Code::Blocks, or whatever, the malware got into their app by way of a third-party library built with a bad copy of Xcode. The moral is, be careful who you trust.?

(Also, can you actually develop for iPhone/iPad with Code::Blocks anyway? Don't you need to use Xcode in some form for the signing process to work? I could be wrong, I've never actually developed an iApp, but I suspect AC hasn't either.)

Comment Re:Three Consoles (Score 1) 86

Because the Wii U isn't competing head-to-head with the other consoles. It's relying largely on people who want games from exclusive franchises (Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda, and so on). No-one is going to make a decision to buy a Wii U based on the total number of games on the market.

Comment Re:Goodbye Nintendo (Score 1) 129

I don't think you know what Nintendo's target audience actually plays. Their most successful franchises at the moment are Mario Bros (platforming), Mario Kart (racing), Legend of Zelda (action adventure) and Smash Bros (fighting). None of these would be playable with the Apple TV controller, and the 200MB limit would make load times for each level intolerably slow. There's no way they could take Nintendo's customers with what they've got.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter (Score 2) 279

No-one in the Chinese government actually likes the one-child policy. It's seen as a problem in many ways. However there are many people tied up administering it. If you were to abolish it completely you'd be seen as the evil politician who put all those people out of jobs. So instead they make lots of exceptions to it, and now change it to a two-child policy. So all those public servants can keep their jobs.

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