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Comment Re:Guaranteed to put stress on any car? As if. (Score 3, Informative) 114

Yeah, I have to agree. Autobahn has very strict rules about not passing someone to their right, and people actually follow them. People are also generally courteous about getting up to speed before entering, leaving gaps for people to enter, getting out of the left lane for people wanting to pass, indicating for lane changes and exits, etc. Automating driving on an Australian freeway would be far more challenging, and even that would be easy compared to an intercity road in Vietnam.

Comment Re:Cuba is for sheeps. (Score 1) 109

I spend a lot of time on 4chan, and trust me this is a far lower standard of copy-pasta than what you see there. I think it's a poor imitation of the GNAA tactics in the heyday of Slashdot. They'd write "press releases" and make them tangentially related to the story they were commenting on or current events in world news. Sometimes they'd repurpose a troll by changing it slightly to fit in with a different story. It's just a far lamer version of that. Trolling has devolved along with everything else here.

Comment Re:So you remove their only way to make a living? (Score 2) 166

Anyhow, I'm a little torn. Isn't NSW the place that also made it pretty much illegal for two "bikey blokes" to ride together? Maybe it was three? Basically they wanted to outlaw bikie gangs. They were a bit out of sorts about it the last time I was there.

No that was Queensland that passed those laws. Unlike NSW, Queensland has a single house of parliament at state level (no senate) so it's easy for a government to pass all sorts of weird laws.

Comment Re:And...? (Score -1, Flamebait) 449

Hi Richard! Posting anonymously won't fool anyone, you know. You know what your problem is? However foolproof your position may be, you come across as such a self-righteouss git no-one wants to listen to you. (Yeah, I know I'm probably not replying to the real Richard Dawkins, just one of his brainwashed followers.)

Comment Re: Who approved this? (Score 1) 54

Not always. There are people who use gmail for work, or who host their business e-mail on gmail. So you could be sending e-mail to an apparently innocuous address that's actually Google-hosted. Then even if what you receive isn't all being slurped up, a significant proportion of what you send may be.

Comment Re: Likewise (Score 1) 536

On a completely different note, here's a wikipedia link to a newspaper advertisement selling sex robots for women in 1913.

That isn't primarily a "sex robot" or masturbation aid, it's an electromechanical massage device along the same lines as the Hitachi Magic Wand. And it definitely isn't just aimed at women, half their testimonials down the left are from men. Yes, just like the Magic Wand I'm sure it was used as a masturbation aid as well. I'm quite possibly the only person with a Magic Wand used solely as a massage device, but whatever.

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