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That still makes no sense. Entering Thai airspace wouldn't be considered a violation for a civilian airliner in distress. Civilian airliners don't have "IFF transponders" either, just the usual aviation transponder. If they suffered loss of pressurisation and were still conscious enough to bring the plane down, the first thing to do would be activate emergency locator beacons, followed by distress call, letting ATC know what you're doing on the usual channel, and making sure your transponder is active.

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First, Civilian radar depends on transponders, a small transmitted signal from the aircraft that is triggered by the Radar signal. This transponder responds with a "squawk code" (a 4 digit number assigned by ATC) along with some other basic information like altitude. Transponders make it unnecessary to get a "primary" return (i.e. they don't have to get the actual radar signal return) for the aircraft to show up. In fact, most civilian radar installations run with primary returns filtered out because they create visual noise for controllers, because weather and other noise shows up.

That might be relevant if it wasn't in an area heavily monitored by military radar. There is some overlap between where it's expected to be visible on Malaysian and Vietnamese military radar. This does use primary returns, and a B777 is very visible. It must've fallen rather quickly to disappear from military radar so suddenly.

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I'm grabbing my barf bag now. Linux isn't magical, it is an operating system.

I'm sure glad I'm not the only one who reacted that way. In the end, operating systems are tools. I use OSX on this notebook that I use for e-mail, Lightroom and Logic. My work desktop runs Windows. My development system at work is Linux. You choose the tool with the right trade-offs for the task at hand.

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I'm not being a dick or an elitist. I'm simply trying to point out that firmware replacement won't get you the equivalent of a more expensive camera. The hardware additional features are things that really do matter when you're taking photos in challenging conditions:

  • A pentaprism viewfinder is brighter and easier to focus with in low light than the pentamirrors used in low-end DSLRs
  • Memory card failure happens - having images written to two cards simultaneously can save you
  • Being able to instantly adjust two parameters without going through menus makes life far easier when when shooting things that move
  • Top LCDs show you all the most important settings/stats immediately without the battery drain that having the colour display running would
  • Additional cross-type autofocus sensors work better in low light and with servo/tracking autofocus (e.g. for sports and birds in flight)

Ultimately "prosumer" is just a label - you should always buy the cheapest body with the functionality - but that aside, it doesn't apply to the Canon Rebel/Kiss line. These are very much mass market consumer cameras, with the trade-offs clearly favouring size/weight/price reduction. This isn't inherently bad, as you get a camera capable of taking pretty decent pictures for a relatively low price. But telling yourself it's a "prosumer" camera just makes you look silly, and if you do need to shoot in more challenging situations, you'll really appreciate the additional functionality that you get with something like a 70D.

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Wut? Your EVF/OVF thing alone is all kinds of wrong. EVFs don't even have the dynamic range and resolution to match the sensors in the cameras, let alone a human eye with an optical viewfinder. Then there's the issue of sensor burn from bright sources because the shutter has to be open all the time. Have you ever tried focussing in poor light with an EVF? No fun at all. The noise and update rate suck more and more as the light gets more difficult. Speaking of update rate, try shooting anything that moves with your OM-D: birds of prey, motor sport, any other sport, fashion shows. Oh and stabilised bodies still can't compete with stabilised lenses.

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Magic Lantern is fucking awesome. It turned my Rebel T2i (550D) into something that I definitely wouldn't have been able to afford.

Have you actually used a prosumer or professional camera? Firmware won't turn your pentamirror viewfinder into a pentaprism. It won't give you an extra command dial that really helps when you're using manual exposure and/or flash. It won't give you a top LCD that you can read while you adjust your settings in direct sunlight. It won't give you additional cross-type autofocus sensors. It won't give you dual card slots. The most useful things you get when you pay more for a camera are in the hardware.

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