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Comment Speech recognition in languages other than english (Score 1) 98

Another company seems to have developed speech recognition engines for embedded devices in languages other than english. Speech recognition has a potentially huge user base(in tens or hundreds of millions atleast) if they can crack the problem for native indian and chinese languages.

Both Indian and Chinese researchers seem to have made progress in this.If this work is successful,people would'nt need to learn english to access information on the web etc.With the booming mobile telecom sector and the proliferation of fairly powerful(architecture wise) phones,this could well be the right time to introduce this.Mobile vendors are already innovating,with text messaging now being available in local languages.But a functional speech recognition system could open up completely new areas in the non-urban landscape.

There is a lot of scope for the sister technology(speech synthesis) too ,if it can be implemented with reasonable success in native languages.Ideally ,this technology could act like a google translate for voice.It could break the language barrier at one stroke.unfortunately ,speech synthesis seems to be much more nascent.

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