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Comment: No HHK? (Score 1) 190

by __rze__ (#48683757) Attached to: Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared
For someone who types 8-10h/day on a keyboard, it makes a difference having a good tool. Everyone praises the Model M, but personally I'm a big fan of Happy Hacking Pro 2 keyboard (including the Type-S variant). For something that you use every day and is part the primary man/machine interface, 250 Eur is a small price to pay.

Comment: Missing the point (Score 1) 321

by __rze__ (#47108903) Attached to: I Want a Kindle Killer
Totally agree with parent. The kindle is a book replacement and it does what a book does, deliver a good story. It is not for interactive "work", it's just for pure enjoyment and relaxation. You want to annotate, modify, talk with your device take on iPad etc and use Siri etc to do it. Yay for non-story story XD

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