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Comment My usual password is "password" (Score 1) 499

Most of the time, I don't care about the supposed security.
You have to create an account for some random forum to read a comment? You'll never probably log in again? Even if you go there once in a while, do I really care if someone discovers what my password is?
Do I have a secure and unique password for my bank account? Sure.
My Facebook account? Yes.
My Slashdot account? Maybe.
My "password". Or "Password", "password1", "Password1!", if the admin is paranoid.
Is it secure? No.
Who cares?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Livejournal brought to its' knees by angry drunk! (

corewtfux writes: "Breakdowns
A drunk employee kills all of the websites you care about! 365 Main, a datacenter on the edge of San Francisco's Financial District, is popular with Soma startups for its proximity and its state-of-the-art facilities. Or it used to be, anyway, until a power outage took down sites including Craigslist, Six Apart's TypePad and LiveJournal blogging sites, local listings site Yelp, and blog search engine Technorati. The cause? A source close to the company says:

"Someone came in shitfaced drunk, got angry, went berserk, and fucked up a lot of stuff. There's an outage on 40 or so racks at minimum."

Whoever it is, while we like how you roll in theory, in practice, we'd appreciate it if you laid off the servers running websites we actually use."


Submission + - By 2048 all seafood species projected to collapse (

Undead_Kangaroo writes: "Boris Worm, an Assistant Professor in Marine Conservation Biology at the Biology Department of Dalhousie University in Halifax is reporting that as of last year, 29% of fish and seafood species had collapsed, that is, their catch had declined by 90%, and that all fish and seafood species were projected to collapse by 2048. This finding was reported in the 3 November issue of the journal Science."

Feed Science Daily: Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Alters Brain Activity In The Frontal-striatal Areas (

Heavy prenatal alcohol exposure does not always lead to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS); sometimes it can lead to cognitive and behavioral deficits in the absence of craniofacial features needed to make an FAS diagnosis. A new study has found that children and adolescents prenatally exposed to alcohol have altered responses in frontal-striatal areas, brain regions that may inhibit behavior.

Journal Journal: They patented *what* now?

Looking stuff up on the Internet, I ran into US patent 6529975. I'm no patent lawyer, but as far as I can tell it's a way of getting around the limited number of registers in the AC97 specification by writing to one register the address of an extended register to access, then reading

Feed Engadget: Samsung's touchscreen-based SGH-P520 gets legit (

Filed under: Cellphones

First comes the FCC leak, then comes a hunch, and just as fate would have it, now it's time to celebrate the fact that Samsung's SGH-P520 is apparently a tad more than a figment of one's imagination. Reportedly, this sexy handset will indeed be making its way onto store shelves, and rather than featuring an oh-so-typical keypad, users will rely solely on a touchscreen to navigate the GUI. Specs wise, it will boast a 2.6-inch 320 x 240 resolution LCD, GSM / EDGE connectivity, a three-megapixel camera, 50MB of internal memory, Bluetooth / WiFi, and a microSD card slot to boot. No word just yet on pricing nor availability, but do click on for one last shot.

[Via Clubic]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

Feed Science Daily: New Diabetes Report Documents Devastating Effects In New York City (

The diabetes epidemic is taking a large and growing toll on New York City, a new Health Department report shows, as death rates, debilitating complications, and hospitalization costs soar. Some 500,000 New Yorkers -- one out of eight adults -- have been diagnosed with diabetes. Another 200,000 have diabetes but don't yet know it. The death rate from diabetes rose by 75 percent between 1990 and 2003.

Feed Science Daily: The Future Of Medicine: Insert Chip, Cure Disease? (

Imagine a chip, strategically placed in the brain, that could prevent epileptic seizures or allow someone who has lost a limb to control an artificial arm just by thinking about it. It may sound like science fiction, but researchers are developing devices that can interpret signals in the brain and stimulate neurons to perform correctly, advances that might someday make it possible for a tiny computer to fix diseases or even allow a paralyzed person to control a prosthetic device with his thoughts.

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