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+ - Internet Explorer 9 the most compatible?->

Submitted by _Shorty-dammit
_Shorty-dammit (555739) writes "Microsoft has released some numbers showing that the IE9 Platform Preview is more standards-compatible than Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3, Opera 10.52, Apple Safari 4.05, and Google Chrome 4.1. This seemed rather interesting at first, until I stopped looking at the charts and re-read the introduction, which states that they are all test pages that Microsoft wrote. They do, however, say that they were developed in conjunction with the W3C. Though I wonder how the IE9 PP would fair against the same competitors in a test that they had no hand in laying out."
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Data Storage

+ - Seagate 3.AAK firmware update fixes performance

Submitted by _Shorty-dammit
_Shorty-dammit (555739) writes "Remember the Seagate 3.AAK firmware performance problems in this story? Well, I just received a 3.AAM firmware update from Seagate tech support, and the performance problem is fixed! I highly suggest contacting them and asking for this firmware update if you have a 3.AAK drive, as the performance difference is quite noticable, as you can tell by looking at the 3.AAE performance versus 3.AAK firmware. Looks like they found whatever the problem was! If whoever you end up contacting doesn't know about the 3.AAM firmware update yet, ask them to contact another person there going by "Alan TS49" as that's who I had success with. He was apparently in direct contact with the engineers that write their firmware, and should be able to help get you straightened away."

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