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+ - Google Engineers - Renewable energy "simply won't work" to solve climate change

Submitted by _Sharp'r_
_Sharp'r_ (649297) writes "Two Standford PhDs, Ross Koningstein and David Fork, worked for Google on the RE<C project to figure out how to make renewables cheaper than coal and solve climate change. After four years of study they gave up, determining "Renewable energy technologies simply won’t work; we need a fundamentally different approach." As a result, is nuclear going to be acknowledged as the future of energy production?"

+ - Brazilian Judge orders 24-hour shutdown of Google, Youtube and Executive arrest->

Submitted by
_Sharp'r_ writes "Judge Flavio Peren of Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil has ordered the arrest of the President of Google Brazil, as well as the 24-hour shutdown of Google and Youtube for not removing videos attacking a mayoral candidate. Google is appealing, but has recently also faced ordered fines of $500K/day in Parana and the ordered arrest of another executive in Paraiba in similar cases."
Link to Original Source

+ - Touchable Holograms Demonstrated

Submitted by
_Sharp'r_ writes "Physorg reports that researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed holograms that can be felt with bare hands. Acoustic radiation is used to create pressure on hands tracked by two Wiimotes and an IR marker. Judging by the videos it's still pretty crude, but "researchers demonstrate how a user can dribble a virtual bouncing ball, feel virtual raindrops bouncing off their hand, and feel a small virtual creature crawling on their palm.""

+ - Computerized Election Results With No Election 2

Submitted by
_Sharp'r_ writes "According to breaking Spanish language newspaper reports, (translations available, USA Today mention), Honduran authorities have seized 45 computers containing certified election results for the constitutional election Zelaya wanted, but that never took place. The "certified" and detailed electronic records of the non-existent election show Zelaya's side having won overwhelmingly."
Input Devices

+ - How to allow multiple physical console users

Submitted by
_Sharp'r_ writes "I'm trying to design the least expensive way to make OpenOffice, email, and a web browser available to students in a new charter elementary school. In my past experience working with charitable computer donations, I can usually get three to four working computers out of five donated "broken" computer systems, usually with plenty of monitors, keyboards and mice left over. I'd like to use one computer for multiple students by attaching multiple monitors, usb keyboards and mice.

The infrastructure is FreeBSD, with only a few MS Windows systems for certain staff. We're planning to use either FreeBSD or Linux with remotely stored home directories for the donated student desktops. These are multi-user operating systems in terms of physical resources required and operation, but only one physical console per machine. What drivers/OS versions support multiple local input devices and monitors that can be attached to a specific login session? Will this require virtualization? Is there a config I haven't found that you can use to assign these devices to specific ttys? Have you done this before?"
Wireless Networking

+ - Terabit Broadband Over Gas Pipes

Submitted by
_Sharp'r_ writes "Nethercomm has offered proof that they can use commercial gas pipelines to homes and businesses as waveguides for wireless broadband. The pipelines attenuate the wireless signals and allow for Terabit wireless links to last-mile customers over their existing natural gas connections. What's next, broadband over water pipes?"

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