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I don't know how different Java is to .NET in terms of exceptions, but with .NET you get an SQLException thrown, but the Message property would just contain something succinct like "Incorrect username or password". There are also a properties giving you access to the actual error codes from the SQL Server. You can also still look at the StackTrace property to get the full stack trace if you want.


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They're SO-15, they're a specialist armed unit (formed when they combined SO-13 with Special Branch). They only get deployed when they explicitly need armed officers.

Also we don't have "metro police", that would British Transport Police, who are responsible for policing railways nationally, railway property, London Underground, and various other things. They're not routinely armed.

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Alternatively they're really good programmers who got explicitly told "make this run like shit off a shovel and don't worry about portability - this will only ever be on PS3". You can say "but we should really write portable code", but if SMT still tell you to ignore portability then you're left with either doing what you're told or quitting.


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It rarely happens. A beat officer is unlikely to ever find themselves facing a suspect armed with a firearm in the UK. Most gun crime in the UK is gang-on-gang, they seldom use guns against the police. Which isn't to say that it never happens, but when it does it's noteworthy simply because of its rarity. The other times you get armed suspect will be hostage type situations, at which point armed officers automatically get deployed anyway.

The only place you'll find routinely armed police officers in the UK are at airports, MOD plods (civilian police responsible for policing MOD property), and the CNC (Civil Nuclear Constabulary - responsible for policing nuclear establishments in the UK).

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