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The proper questions to ask are those that you know something about. For Snowden to suddenly jump on LGBT rights or Chechen independence would come off as the type of issue-of-the-day “activism” sometimes seen with celebrities. It would make about as much sense as if Pussy Riot went on U.S. television to talk about Obamacare or the Keystone Pipeline.

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by _Ludwig (#46803995) Attached to: In a Hole, Golf Courses Experiment With 15-inch Holes

15" holes seem pretty ridiculous, considering you still have to get to the green. Accurate drives and knowing how to deal with situational shots comprise at least half the difficulty of golf. Nobody takes a mulligan on a missed putt, they take them when they slice a shot onto the next fairway over or into a water hazard or whiff it entirely and launch a clump of divot instead of the ball.

But no one derides amateur softball players for not hitting 85 mph pitches or being able to throw out a runner at first with a bullet from 130' away. What might make golf more accessible is building smaller 9-hole courses heavy on par-threes with more forgiving hazards and flatter greens. Less of a time commitment, cheaper due to faster turnover... Change the name somewhat (Golf-lite? Softgolf?) so as to defuse objections from people who want to maintain “pure golf’s” identity as is.

Comment: Harper’s, The Baffler, The Believer (Score 2) 285

by _Ludwig (#46775929) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Good Print Media Is Left?

Harper’s (not to be confused with Harper’s Bazaar, which is an especially boring fashion magazine,) The Believer, and The Baffler all have good literary and art coverage as well as long-form lefty political journalism. The New Yorker is good too, and not as New York City centric as you might think, aside from the theater/music/event listings, but it’s weekly, so kinda expensive and easy to fall behind on. There’s some good stuff in Rolling Stone and Playboy from time to time but I wouldn’t keep either one on the coffee table where people could see them.

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Shouldn’t these negotiations happen between the government and the vendor before the original contract is ever signed, instead of between the government and Microsoft in sudden death overtime? It’s just as negligent to lock yourself into a rapacious business relationship as it is to put off necessary upgrades until vendors have you over a barrel.

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Sorry for the double-reply, but I meant to also say that you’re right about shared households. I live in one, and think they should be encouraged and thought about beyond “need new roommate, post to craigslist.” I suppose “intentional communities” is the jargon for what I mean.

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SF refuses to permit building more real estate or even building upwards

I guess you haven’t looked anywhere in the direction of Rincon Hill in the past few years. Or been to South Beach, or Mission Bay, or looked at Lennar’s plans for the Candlestick area. I look forward to all this luxury development increasing the housing supply and driving down rents. I’ll just be over here not holding my breath.

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The article doesn't mention if/how the wrong answers correlate to age or poverty. If you're old enough that computers are still a strange new thing, or poor enough to never have had access to one outside the public library, it's not surprising you wouldn't know those terms.

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