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+ - Asheron's Call to end active development, Turbine to release server software->

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_KiTA_ (241027) writes "Asheron's Call, one of the longest running modern era MMOs at 15 years, will have one final monthly update on March 4th, whereupon the game (alongside Asheron's Call 2) will be placed in Mothball — going free to play for existing accounts, with only bugfix and balance updates to be expected.

However, at the same time, Turbine's going out with a bang — adding a Disgaea-like character reincarnation system, LOTRO style evolving weapons, and a fanservice-filled bonus dungeon for the remaining (and returning) faithful players.

Oh, and they're planning on releasing the game's servers, client, utilities, and art assets for free. Similar to how Ultima Online spawned a host of unofficial and technically illegal 3rd party servers, Turbine is going to officially allow 3rd party servers now that the game is being retired. There are also increasing rumors that Turbine might be working on an Asheron's Call 3 or AC Reboot, as well."

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by _KiTA_ (#45926465) Attached to: How Chris Christie Could Use the NSA Playbook

Anyway, here is a non-conservative site debunking your debunking

Except that's an older article that was parroting RWEC stories. I counter with this July article from USAToday:

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by _KiTA_ (#45926449) Attached to: How Chris Christie Could Use the NSA Playbook

1. Fast and Furious was made up. The entire thing was based on one right wing ATF source, who was discovered to be lying. It has been debunked so often that even the actual GOP doesn't mention it, only ultra-far right idiots in the Tea Party talk about it nowadays.

That link is to a completely unrelated story about the IRS. I was hoping you had some proof, because that was the first time I've heard that Fast and Furious was all bullshit. So I searched the same website for more info and didn't find anything to support your claim. What I did find was an article from july 2013 talking about two more deaths in mexico linked to those guns - not something I'd expect to see from "huffpo" if the scandal had been debunked.

Sorry, too many links. Have some more appropriate links, and thank you for catching that:

Comment: Re:beacon of freedom (Score 4, Informative) 266

by _KiTA_ (#45926121) Attached to: How Chris Christie Could Use the NSA Playbook

It is really telling that the ATF gave over 2500 guns to Mexican drug cartels, and no one from the ATF, DOJ, or Obama Administration is sitting in jail.
It is really telling that the IRS targeted political opponents during an election year, and no one from the IRS, DOT, or Obama Administration is sitting in jail.
It is really telling that Obama campaign donors at Solyndra got $500,000,000 of tax payer money, promptly went bankrupt, and no one from the DOE is sitting in jail.
It is really telling that the Fed prints $75,000,000,000 a month, totaling over $4,000,000,000,000 in the last 5 years, and no one from the fed is sitting in jail.
It is really telling that the president himself breaks the PPACA on a daily basis by announcing parts he will be temporarily or permanently not enforcing, and he's not sitting in jail.

Wow, that's a fun list. I count 3... 4? outright lies, 4 completely made up scandals, 1 thing taken completely out of context, several words that don't mean what you think they mean, and a complete lack of understanding as to how civics works.

It's always fun to debunk these kinds of lists, because I always learn something new, usually something that makes me proud of what our country is doing.

The only sad thing is that it takes me hours and the people posting them will either blindly ad hominem them ("YOU LINKED DAILYKOS THAT MEANS YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD~!~!"), call me a "liberal commy fagg 'MERICA hater", or ignore me and go right back to posting about how Obama was raised by Karl Marx on the Socialist Moonbase on the dark side of Mars or something. Or go back to quoting from the sites those guys run. Same difference, really.

Anyway, lets go!

1. Fast and Furious was made up. The entire thing was based on one right wing ATF source, who was discovered to be lying. It has been debunked so often that even the actual GOP doesn't mention it, only ultra-far right idiots in the Tea Party talk about it nowadays.

2. Ditto for the IRS scandal, which was also made up. Darrel Issa asked the investigator to ignore the fact that the IRS was looking at all groups claiming to be charities, as they are REQUIRED TO DO BY LAW, and merely provide him talking points on Republican ones. The real scandal? The IRS failed to notice 10 out of 11 of the Koch brothers fake charities were fake charities. You'll note that Issa doesn't even bother talking about this one anymore, he's too busy trying to use Benghazi to kneecap President Hilary Clinton before her 2016 victory.

3. Solyndra's loan was one of Bush's projects, not Obama's, and there's a HUGE difference between George Kaiser (a billionaire who raised a whopping 50-100k for Obama) and the Kaiser Family Foundation (a charity he started). There's a whole boatload more of made up crap about Solyndra, it's a very transparent manufactured scandal to try and drive us away from Solar and Wind technologies -- because oil will never run out or anything. I'll just leave this link as an exercise to the reader:

4. Literally not true. The "Fed prints $75,000,000,000" is such a common meme that there are so many Tea Party sites shatting it out that it's hard to discover it's source. Took a while, but I found it - The fed is buying back a bunch of T-Bonds and Mortgage Bonds at the rate of 75 billion a month as part of the stimulus package, but that's not "printing money." The Feds have a FAQ entry up on it here, for those who don't roll their eyes at the idea of believing what "the man" tells you.

5. Yes, since the law is currently suffering intentional sabotage from the GOP, parts of it are working sub-optimally. So various agencies -- not "the president himself," what, do you think he's running around like Dr. Claw dictating things? -- have elected not to enforce the law until the situation improves. This isn't illegal or even wrong. Or do you really want to be the one that needs to let Bush know he's in deep doo doo for telling the EPA not to enforce any environmental laws and regulations?

So there we go. 5 non scandals -- either outright made up bullshit (1, 2, 3) or a complete and possibly intentional misstating of the situation (4, 5).

Comment: It wasn't to punish someone who wouldn't endorse (Score 2, Informative) 266

by _KiTA_ (#45925901) Attached to: How Chris Christie Could Use the NSA Playbook

It wasn't to punish someone who wouldn't endorse him. That's just a flashpoint scandal, nothing big. I half suspect it to be one that's being sent out intentionally to exhaust the media's attention before the real scandal starts getting out.

Basically he screwed over some Democratic Judge, and the Dems in his area announced they would be very critical of a Republican Judge that was coming up for reconfirmation in retaliation, so he pulled the same screwjob on that Republican Judge to prevent her from being questioned by the Dems. The next day he pulled the bridgegate crap in the home district of the head Democrat.

Rachel Maddow has done all the work and has an interview with said head Dem.

Or you could turn to Fox News, where somehow it was Obama's fault because Benghazi.

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by _KiTA_ (#45807091) Attached to: Sherlock Holmes Finally In the Public Domain In the US

They also own their version of Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water and Kimba, the White Lion.

Just a reminder that Disney doesn't just shamelessly steal from American folklore and then try to lock it up forever; they are quite happy to steal from other cultures too.

Keep this in mind in a few years when Disney tries to find a way to loophole their way into retaining ownership of the original Steamboat Willie -- which, if I'm understanding this ruling, Disney can no longer keep perpetually copyrighted through bribing congress.

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by _KiTA_ (#45783369) Attached to: Snowden Gives Alternative Christmas Message On Channel 4

I appreciate what Snowden is saying, but perhaps fewer narcissistic platitudes and more documents on the front pages? Snowden isn't Jesus, the more he toots "It's not about me", the more it becomes about him

It IS all about him. Him and his agent, Greenwald.

Snowden doesn't give two squirts of piss about what he found, merely that it got him the attention he felt he deserved. In addition, there were only so many cases of Greenwald pulling the "The Goverment could (possibly in my deranged mind) wiretap all phonecalls! Now, without any evidence at all, lets talk about this newly established fact that the Government is somehow tapping all phone calls, everywhere."

Follow that up with Greenwald acting like an AOL troll circa 1990 to anyone who calls him out on his bullshit (seriously, watch his twitter feed, it's like watching an 8 year old playing Journalist) and his "newspaper," The Guardian editing articles without retractions when they realize just how full of shit he is, and, well...

In a few years we'll all realize Greenwald and Snowden are mostly full of shit, for the time being, they make interesting sock puppets for the InfoWar style conspiracy nuts amongst us.

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by _KiTA_ (#45387163) Attached to: LeVar Burton On Google Glass

Because he spent 10 seasons of TNG wearing a more advanced (and less stylish) Google Glass.

Dude, this is Slashdot. You're going to get crucified for that imprecision.

7 seasons of TNG + 4 movies.
Generally accepted episode count: 178

Real fans get the precision down to the number of lines of dialogue, percentage of total screentime, or number of minutes (out to two decimal places), you insensitive clod!

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Lets not forget a major part of this panic is due to old manufacturing companies starting to realize that if we can print something for 5 cents, then why would we pay $5 for it?

While we're not at that point yet, we certainly will be in 5 years. In 10-15 years, we'll be able to print iPods. Once that happens... why buy an iPod, when you can download a crowd-engineered alternative that's better and cheaper?

I expect some form of faux outrage to ramp up and 3D printing to be banned or seriously restricted soon. It's too disruptive for us us mere plebeians to be allowed to have.

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by _KiTA_ (#44963957) Attached to: BitTorrent "Bundles" Create Cash Registers Inside Artwork

Does Viz release these shows in DRM-free downloadable formats? I'd imagine not. So even that one falls under the convenience category.

Only very rarely is media released in DRM-free downloadable formats. Baen Ebooks, Tor/Forge, and Louis CK's shows are the most popular examples I know of, but it is very rare. I can think of no broadcasted or cable television show that allows it.

I was actually speaking of the comics, not the cartoons. The great unforgivable sin was that Viz wanted something like $0.25 a chapter and had a 2 week delay (which has since been lowered to same day) release lag. The "pro-piracy" arguments were hilarious, and stupid.

Or as I said before -- blubbering, entitled Manchildren. Especially when you consider the company they're defending, NOEZ, has made a fortune ripping off Japanese and US IP for years now.

Anyway, DRM is no excuse. If a company wishes to sell you something with some restrictions, well, that's their right. It might be considered wrong, but oh well. That's where we're at as a culture right now -- casual theft has led to the point where companies have to put at least a token effort into protecting their goods.

It does not mean people have the right to steal it just to spite them.

Comment: Re:What stops people from redistribution? (Score 0) 97

by _KiTA_ (#44958483) Attached to: BitTorrent "Bundles" Create Cash Registers Inside Artwork

The honour system. Bittorrent users would never pirate music from independent artists, they only go after labels' output where the economics don't favour the artist or the consumer.

Stop laughing.

You laugh, but to be fair, when things are readily available digitally, piracy does drop off quite a bit.

Yes, there's always going to be cuntrags that bitch -- the whining blubbering mass of entitled manchildren that cry every time Viz shuts down another Naruto / One Piece / Bleach piracy site being the example that immediately comes to mind -- but for the most part, people pirate not because they don't want to pay, it's because they want convenience.

Relevant Oatmeal link.

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by _KiTA_ (#44848439) Attached to: Why iTunes Radio Could Take Down Pandora

A major problem with Pandora is you never hear, in theory, anything you dislike -- but also never hear anything NEW, you MIGHT like, either.

I remember about a year, maybe two, ago there was discussion about Google and Bing and the like "censoring" your search results -- tailoring them to news sources and (this is the big one) ideologies that it thought you were a part of, due to their data mining.

This created a minor bubble, a lesser kind of the bubble you see Fox News (or god forbid, Infowars) followers stuck in. This is a disaster in the making when dealing with news, but it's also pretty darned bad when talking about entertainment.

For example, I use Pandora for stand up comedy. I have a station for each comedian, and the new shuffle thing at least mixes things up. But I never hear comedians other than the X number of stations I have +/- a few more, give or take a rare playing of some odd or new comedian.

Contrast this with playing a comedy radio station, an actual radio station, one where the music is all set by a DJ or a "impartial" randomization routine. Will I hear stuff I dislike? Probably. Will I hear new stuff I wouldn't have heard on Pandora? Absolutely.

I don't know how to fix that particular problem. Maybe Pandora should allow for an option where for an hour a day, or at random, it goes into "Pandora Power Hour" where it loosens up the algorithms and intentionally makes you listen to things you might not have known you liked? Not sure.

Comment: "Arcade shooter"? (Score 5, Interesting) 189

by _KiTA_ (#44726265) Attached to: <em>Mechwarrior Online</em> Developer Redefines Community Warfare

Hah, how sensationalist. No, they just added a third person camera like all the old Mechwarrior offline games and a bunch of tryhards who seem to know better than the developers -- and these sort ALWAYS think they know better than the developers -- are upset about it.

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by _KiTA_ (#44655485) Attached to: Don't Fly During Ramadan

Hey, America,
Are you proud of yourself yet? Proud of what you've become to yourself, your citizens and to the rest of the world? I can't imagine that this is what any of our founding fathers envisioned when they risked everything in order to found this country. And now look what you've made of it.

A Disappointed Citizen


Proud but still concerned,
A citizen that hasn't been nuked or given ebola from iron age religious psychopaths... yet.

Every young man should have a hobby: learning how to handle money is the best one. -- Jack Hurley