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Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 923

Randy Harper's blacklist, [] an list of white men, gamers, nerds, conservatives, KFC,... and other people Randy Harper and her radical feminist friends consider too "problematic"

How do I get on this wonderful list?

1. Be on Twitter.
2. Disagree with a Radical Third Wave Victim Feminist on any topic. Suggesting that women should get jobs based on their merits and not receive special treatment for having a vagina is an easy way, following a conservative news site's twitter or Totalbiscuit's (an extremely influential Youtube reviewer with a few million subscribers; he made the mistake of mocking Otherkin once) twitter is another. Or just say something that Randi "You made your bed now get fucked in it" Harper doesn't like, for example "I would need to see some evidence of that claim."

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 4, Insightful) 923

So she's a social justice warrior troll doing this for attention? Called it earlier.

Expect her to have a Patreon account up within a few days, as well as a campaign started explaining why Linus is problematic and needs to be removed from Linux development soon, or how Linux needs a safe space special interest group so feminist coders can submit their commits without being threatened by people pointing out their code sucks. Because remember kids, criticism is "Cyber Violence."

As an aside, she's a blockbot user, so yes, she most definitely is a SJW or a SJW ally:

(If you're blocked and have never even spoken with her, congratulations, you're a member of Randy Harper's blacklist, an list of white men, gamers, nerds, conservatives, KFC, President Obama, and other people Randy Harper and her radical feminist friends consider too "problematic" to be allowed to communicate with people in the tech industry.)

Actually... Yuuuup, 5 seconds of research later:

Third Wave (Professional Victim) Feminist, with posts pushing the lie about the gender gap (there are more women than men getting STEM degrees now), and a post about the "Donglegate" lynch mob, wherein a professional outrage mob was directed by professional victim and gender identity con artist Adria Richards to shame and destroy the lives of two men making a joke about forking and dongles, suggesting that hearing a joke you disagree with is equivalent to being physically attacked.

In short: She might be a gifted programmer, but she's a weak willed human being, and her having a professional freakout about Linus making a joke about being intimidating isn't surprising -- it's a calculated maneuver. Expect something else to come up soon -- as mentioned, Linus will be deemed too problematic to be allowed to remain in Linux, or the Professional Victims will demand special treatment for Women in Linux Development.

Comment Re:Do over please (Score 1) 73

Can we get a cleanup on this summary please, from someone who actually passed high school English class?

The short version: someone served up malicious javascript on 8chan by hosting it on imgur as images, revealing that imgur does not actually check to make sure its images are images. Some Flash on 8chan loads the javascript from the localstorage object, breaking same-origin. Once again the DOM is proven to be a horrible house of cards.

Also, the DDoS was at the very least also targeted at 8ch. There was a pretty big teardown of it -- someone registered a similar name to 4ch's image host, the malware SWF specifically mentions the founder of 8ch and something that sounds like it's related to /pol/, the server hosting up the malware was replying to specific referrers and IP addresses, etc etc.

Comment Re: This subject is work. (Score 3, Interesting) 241

The real welfare queens in our society are employers, and always have been.

"Welfare" refers to receiving government money for no work.

When employers "expect" you to commute to work "for free", that's not "welfare"; it's the contract you negotiated with your employer. If you don't like the conditions or the salary, don't take the contract. You are a legally competent adult, aren't you? And you do think that your work is valuable?

And when society has to pick up the slack in government benefits for the employees of employers cutting costs like this, constantly? What then?

Comment Re:The Sad Puppies won. (Score 0) 1044

Does anyone who's not a complete ideological nutball really think that if, for the sake of argument, Lesbians of Color Against Bernie Sanders, had somehow created their own slate and organized, Puppy-style, enough bad faith voting that ALL the ballot options were leftish and there were no right wing books to be had, that the reaction by Hugo voters would have been any different whatsoever?

Hugo voters voted the way they did for two reasons. They were aware two third parties with broadly similar, albeit to different extremes, had gamed the selection, and were pissed about it. And they had to choose between a second rate selection of works selected not by merit, but by political ideology.


You know, that might make sense, except that the Hugos were already being fixed, before this, by a group of hard left exclusionary TERFs headed up by two TOR employees.

And don't talk to me about "second rate selection" of Scifi when drivel like ""If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love" or "Queers Dig Time Lords" was getting nominated.

Everyone likes to pretend that the Sad Puppies are a bunch of right wing trolls that just showed up and said "nice award, we're gonna fuck it up to spite you overly progressive scifi fans." In reality it was far closer to "nice award, but why are only people in the far left SJW clique being allowed to even be nominated?"

That's the takeaway I hope at least some people get here. The Hugos were being fixed by a whisper campaign for years. The Sad Puppies just brought the whisper campaigns into the open and proved they existed.

Comment Re:does anti-sjw = deranged violent prick? (Score 1, Troll) 1044

Incorrect. Beale (aka Vox Day) isn't in charge of Sad Puppies. Brad R Torgersen is. Vox Day is some bogeyman people keep trotting out to scare little kids and pink haired manchildren on Tumblr.

Here's the thing. The Hugos aren't a "progressive" award -- or rather, they're not supposed to be. They're supposed to be a literary award. That's the entire point of the Sad Puppies and Vox Day's Rabid Puppies -- that a group of people are pushing political litmus tests on this award behind the scenes.

And for all the frothing rage and smug cuntyness that we'll see over the next few days, here's the sad thing: The Sad Puppies were absolutely right.

Comment The Sad Puppies won. (Score 5, Insightful) 1044

The Sad Puppies won. Yes, they didn't win a single award -- in fact, some really good works lost to No Award, seemingly just to spite them.

But that was the point.

Their stated goal was to prove that there was a group of people out there voting for political reasons and fixing the Hugos. To fight this, they did the unforgivable sin of nominating some good works (such as one of the Dresden Files novels) for a Hugo.

The CHORF / SJWs fell for it en mass, just as George R R Martin begged them not to (archive version) back in April. They proved the Sad Puppies point -- that the Hugos are fixed by a group of gatekeepers.

The Hugos have been fixed for years, to the point that Steven King outright refused to participate due to how bad it became. The CHORFs proved the Sad Puppies' point more than anything else could. The Hugos have been forever tarnished by this -- not by the Sad Puppies voting in the "wrong way" for the "wrong type of fans", but by the CHORFs decreeing that you have to have the right politics, the right thoughts, the right opinions, to be a "real fan" or a "real hugo winner."

Comment Re:H1Bs aren't to replace workers (Score 2) 417

Ding ding ding, you got it in one.

This is also why every time some poor idiot pulls out the "($Unskilled_Profession) wants $15 an hour? I'm ($Skilled_Profession) and I don't even make that!" argument a Walmart heir's nipples tingle. Because the minimum wage being so low doesn't just hurt the working class, it artificially forces all wages down -- in short, your wage is supposed to be much higher too, but it isn't because they're getting away with paying Burger Flippers slave wages.

Depending on if you're checking increased productivity, inflation, or both, the Minimum wage in the US should be either $11 or $15 an hour, if not higher. Since it's still $7.25 that means that money went somewhere other than the workers of America who earned it.

Thus the question isn't "Does a burger flipper deserve as much as me," it's "Does a Walmart Heir deserve the $7 an hour extra they're not paying each of their workers?" (Spoiler alert: No.)

Comment I've been running out @ 8GiB with Windows 10 (Score 1) 350

Anecdotal evidence here, mind you, but I've had a few instances of running out of memory with Windows 10 and running a lot of things at the same time. Specifically, modded Minecraft (Pathfinder pack on the Curse Launcher) + Chrome, with the random IM programs I always keep open (Pidgin, Trillian, Hexchat IRC, and Skype).

It seems like a lot but I never had ram issues in Windows 8.1. Take that what you will. I personally plan on tossing another 8 gigs in when I have a chance.

Comment Re:Leftist pretzel-think at its finest (Score 2) 278

Anyone who uses littlegreenfootballs for anything but mocking or even as a credible source, should be applying the moron label to themselves. Especially after the mass purging for thought-crimes.

You mean when he threw out all the white supremacists like Pamela Geller?

That's not purging. That's quality control.

Comment Re:Leftist pretzel-think at its finest (Score 4, Informative) 278

Herald the guy who saved babies from being killed as a hero, while simultaneously saying its no big deal that planned parenthood is trafficking baby parts after they rip them out of its mother's womb.

You're a fucking moron, and so is anyone else stupid enough to believe that hoax.

And no, I can't say that any nicer. Anyone who believes planned parenthood is selling baby parts or that they're "ripping them out" is a fucking idiot who needs to have their brain taken away by social services.

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