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Comment Re:Can't stop it (Score 5, Insightful) 428 428

In the US, at least, they can't prevent it. If people want to talk about that, let them do it.

Yup. Same law that says you can unionize says they can't stop you from sharing pay and benefits information. But like unionizing, this is a powerful tool for workers and they will do anything they can to keep you from asking.

Comment Downvote Spamming (Score 3, Interesting) 727 727

Just as an aside everyone, either this article got brigaded by Ghazi or some other SJW hugbox, or some specific user with 6+ accounts is running through hitting things repeatedly with -1 Flamebaits. Two of my questions that were critical of Wu that were +5 are suddenly -1 Flamebait.

As you can see, it's very obviously someone abusing multiple accounts, as both comments were -1ed into oblivion before moving on to the next one:

In addition every other question that was critical of Wu has been docked down to -1 or 0 Flamebait as well:

Granted, this doesn't surprise me as having happened, as sockpuppet abuse is a very common tactic of these Social Justice Warrior Trolls, but it's still amusing to see in action.

Comment Re:You have got to be kidding me (Score 4, Informative) 727 727

Who's taking about harassment? I'm clearly talking exclusively about the wacky claim made by the AC inexplicably modded +5, which seems to only be supported by a few crazy fringe sites.

By analogy, the AC is claiming we faked the moon landings, and you're talking about monuments on Mars.

And I was pointing out that your being skeptical of her faking her harassment is doubtful due to the comments in here doesn't mesh, as I haven't seen any harassment going on. Perhaps I jumped the gun.

It might also to have a bit of background: Ms. Wu specializes in antagonizing people, especially over social media, and then crying harassment whenever anyone takes the bait. She has been doing this for as long as I've been aware of her.

Given that this is the internet and it's trivial to make a twitter account, this usually invariably results in Ms. Wu getting some troll upset with her who will attempt to hurt her feelings based on any number of perceived weaknesses - doing so is not sexism. Indeed it would be the very definition of sexism to put on kid gloves just because of Wu's gender.

Ms. Wu has also admitted to creating twitter accounts to troll herself with, and some of the screenshots she has taken of this harassment are suspect -- for example, taking a screenshot within seconds of a tweet being posted, which is unlikely unless you are aware the tweet is about to be posted.

She then complains about this harassment publicly, links to her patreon page, and goes back to antagonizing people online. Pity farming or professional victimhood in a nuthsell. Granted, Ms. Wu is hardly alone, several of these fake feminist trolls have infested the Third Wave Feminism movement as of late, and are pushing a narrative of women being poor widdle fragile things that must be coddled and protected at all times because they're just so fragile.

Comment Re:You have got to be kidding me (Score 3, Insightful) 727 727

Disagreeing with Ms. Wu is not harassment.

Asking Ms. Wu hard questions is not harassment.

Informing people about Ms. Wu's potentially criminal fraud in regards to her business, her online ventures, and her faked harassment, as well as her history of using racial and homophobic epithets before her latest persona as a Third Wave Faux Feminist, is not harassment.

Criticism of Ms. Wu is not harassment.

Debate with Ms. Wu's supporters is not harassment.

NONE of the discussion here has been harassment. This is a public forum and if bringing up Ms. Wu's name causes an outcry of disgust, that is the price of being a professional victim and a "polarizing" personality on social media.

Harassment is not a catch all word meaning "someone was mean on the Internet." It is not a shield against any debate, criticism, or disagreement. Don't play into the professional victims like Ms. Wu trying to use it as such.

Comment Re:Priveledge (Score 1) 727 727

I didn't realize parents giving their children some of the money they've earned is a problem, but I guess I'm wrong and it's up there with institutional racism, lack of parity in pay between sexes etc.

Remind me; why is it a problem, again? And what's it got to do with you, anyway? Are you jealous?

A very nice strawman. I didn't say it was a problem, I said it was a privilege. since being "privileged" is supposedly the most evil thing you can be in Ms. Wu's worldview, I am merely asking why class privilege does not seemingly count.

Comment Priveledge (Score 0, Flamebait) 727 727

When spouting off your mistaken and deceptive rants about Privilege -- male privilege, race privilege, cis privilege, et cetera -- why do you and other Social Justice Warrior demagogues ignore Class Privilege, arguably the most important and influential privilege?

An example of Class Privilege would be being given several hundred thousand dollars by parents who are "millionaire entrepreneurs" to start a sub par indy games studio, no questions asked.

Comment On Managing a Patreon Campaign (Score 0, Flamebait) 727 727

Ms. Wu, when sending yourself harassment over steam or twitter and faking having to leave your house over harassment in response to trolling people, do you find TOR or a more traditional anonymous proxy to be more effective?

(Ob Disclaimer: Disagreeing with someone is not harassment. Asking people hard questions or holding them accountable to their own actions is not Harassment. Disagreeing with a woman (or in this instance, a transwoman) is not misogyny. Transmisogyny is not a real word. Treating women with kid gloves because they are female is sexism. Brianna Wu is a known con artist, and should never have been invited on Slashdot Interviews.)

Comment Re:A better solution (Score 1) 178 178

  1. Pay songwriter to compose alternative song
  2. Record song
  3. Release recording with a Creative Commons license
  4. Send postcards to every restaurant in the country, letting them know it's free to perform and encouraging them to sing it
  5. ?
  6. Profit!

This only works if you're Glee.

Comment Re:lol (Score 2) 776 776

Who the fuck watches a kickass action movie just so they can find some Tumblr shit to complain about?

There's an entire subgenre of trolling called "Social Justice Warriors" that do nothing but watch movies, TV, read books, and stalk people on social media so they can cherry pick stuff to whine about. They're a particularly vile form of Internet troll, focused mostly on Tumblr and Twitter but a lot of them are entitled trust fund kids so there's a significant number of them infesting colleges and starting to latch themselves onto legit businesses.

Symptoms include made up or redefined words ("Racism = prejudice + power, ergo you can't be racist against white people!"), Magical special snowflake pronouns, and the words "problematic" or "toxic" when discussing things they don't like.

Oh, and a Patreon account, because actually getting a job is for cis shitlord scum.

Comment MRA vs WRA (Score 0) 776 776

I like the dichotomy here.

Mens Rights Activists, vilified by the official narrative and openly mocked for having concerns by post-modernist radfems and their sycophants in the media, stage a polite boycott about a movie they dislike.

Militant Women Supremecists, praised as holy saints who can do no wrong by official narrative, openly harass an award winning feminist writer until he has to flee Twitter to avoid the twitter public shaming mob instigated by the white knight moron behind Anita Sarkeesian's con game.

It's the Women are Wonderful effect in action. Fascinating to see, really.

Oh, and Aaron Clarey has a rebuttal video about this mess, which is being ignored as it doesn't fit narrative:

Comment Sorry, Mr. Bryant (Score 1) 618 618

Sorry, Mr. Bryant, your right to display advertisement content on my PC ended around the time you started making the damned things talk, or around when the damned things started redirecting to infected PDFs and browser exploits.

If you guys can't responsibly filter your SWF files to prevent audio and redirects, don't expect to enjoy the privilege of being able to display that content on my screen.

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