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Comment: Re:lol (Score 2) 776 776

Who the fuck watches a kickass action movie just so they can find some Tumblr shit to complain about?

There's an entire subgenre of trolling called "Social Justice Warriors" that do nothing but watch movies, TV, read books, and stalk people on social media so they can cherry pick stuff to whine about. They're a particularly vile form of Internet troll, focused mostly on Tumblr and Twitter but a lot of them are entitled trust fund kids so there's a significant number of them infesting colleges and starting to latch themselves onto legit businesses.

Symptoms include made up or redefined words ("Racism = prejudice + power, ergo you can't be racist against white people!"), Magical special snowflake pronouns, and the words "problematic" or "toxic" when discussing things they don't like.

Oh, and a Patreon account, because actually getting a job is for cis shitlord scum.

Comment: MRA vs WRA (Score 0) 776 776

I like the dichotomy here.

Mens Rights Activists, vilified by the official narrative and openly mocked for having concerns by post-modernist radfems and their sycophants in the media, stage a polite boycott about a movie they dislike.

Militant Women Supremecists, praised as holy saints who can do no wrong by official narrative, openly harass an award winning feminist writer until he has to flee Twitter to avoid the twitter public shaming mob instigated by the white knight moron behind Anita Sarkeesian's con game.

It's the Women are Wonderful effect in action. Fascinating to see, really.

Oh, and Aaron Clarey has a rebuttal video about this mess, which is being ignored as it doesn't fit narrative:

Comment: Sorry, Mr. Bryant (Score 1) 618 618

Sorry, Mr. Bryant, your right to display advertisement content on my PC ended around the time you started making the damned things talk, or around when the damned things started redirecting to infected PDFs and browser exploits.

If you guys can't responsibly filter your SWF files to prevent audio and redirects, don't expect to enjoy the privilege of being able to display that content on my screen.

Comment: Re:That is not a business decision. (Score 1) 371 371

Also, you shine the brass and keep the wastebasket empty.

But what sort of perturbs me is that 'Engineers' aren't just IT types. Where I work, engineers work on and design product. Except for companies that produce IT Products, the IT staff aren't engineers, except in the 'sanitation engineer' sense. So why does the article immediately and only segue into: " Exactly how long should this database field be? " Engineers concern themselves with what type of plastic to produce which components of the product out of, tooling tolerances, production costs, etc. The guy that maintains the CAD files database is a glorified file clerk.

It segues into database concerns because it's specifically talking about software engineers: "Following up on a recent experiment into the status of software engineers versus managers"...

Everyone's getting hung up on the term Engineer in this story, and perhaps we should have that discussion, but the article is very specifically talking about software development and design.

I wonder if the article could have worked with the term "computer programmer" used whenever "software engineer" was.

Comment: Misuse of FOIA (Score -1, Troll) 231 231

First off, lets begin with this: The Freedom of Information Act is NOT a fishing lure. It is not designed to request all the emails of a certain employee, nor should it. The FOIA is designed for targeted requests for specific information, not blanket demands so conspiracy theorists can try to dig for "evidence." The NSA should have ignored this FOIA act or pointed that out.

Second off, this story (and the multitude of Greenwald/Snowden cult of personality reposters) is missing the most important thing in the NSA's response, the last sentence:

“For your information, there are no emails indicating that Mr. Snowden contacted agency officials to raise concerns about NSA programs.”

That's the real story here. The FOIA request was trying to show that Snowden tried to warn the NSA about abuses but they ignored it, the fake story Greenwald and Matthew Keys are trying to push is that the NSA is somehow hiding it, the real story is that Snowden, Libtard hero, never even tried to whistleblow.

He's no patriot, he's just a cowardly little shit.

Comment: Re:No such thing as 'catastrophic man-made... (Score 1) 385 385

So Whatsupwiththat, JoNova, Climate Depoe, and Climate Etc. and climate comments from Lubos Motl are all crackpots as well, right?
"there is no debate" said the guy who does not want to debate.......idiot.

Whatsupwiththat -- or rather, Wattsupwiththat I presume -- is Anthony Watt's website, and yeah, he's a crackpot and professional grifter. He has no academic or scientific training, his arguments are either debunked climate denier talking points being regurgitated or "hey, it's cold outside, LOL" type circumstantial evidence - hardly worth an eyeroll. He adds nothing to the conversation but he does keep getting speaking gigs and advertiser bucks, so hey, grifters gonna grift.

JoNova is Joanne Codling (aka Joanne "I watch too much Star Trek" Nova)'s blog. She's funded by the Heartland Institute and the Science and Public Policy Institute -- in other words, she's a professional shill for professional climate deniers. Oh, and she's not a scientist (she's a failed TV talking head) and thus her opinion on a scientific fact like global warming is utterly useless.

Climate "Depoe," unless I'm not seeing the site, is one I've already covered - Climate Depot.

ClimateEtc is Judith Curry's blog, and while she's a climatologist at Georgia Tech, she's also a loon. For example, she heavily cites and defends the Wegman Report, and later admitted she never read it. I doubt she'll make it another 5-10 years at Georga Tech before joining Richard Lindzen as a professional crank for some Heartland Institute shell company.

Oh, and Lubo Motl? He's a failed string theory physicist, not a climatologist, and his only claim to fame was being hired at Harvard and fired for being a raging douchebag. You can tell, mostly because his blog reads like something from the GNAA or the Yahoo News comments section. And don't get me started on his shitting over half the science blogs on the internet in the comments section -- I guess when you're a failed PHD student who hasn't done any actual work in science since 2007 you have lots of time to troll blogs.

So yeah, I will repeat it. There is no debate. Your sources are crackpots, loons, cranks, and professional grifters, and at this point, I'm willing to go further -- you don't get to "debate" scientific fact. There is no climate change debate. It's real, it's man made, and it's the biggest threat we as a people will likely ever face.

The only debate left is what we do about it. Deniers are just idiots on par with Anti-vaxxers and should have their brains taken away by social services.

Comment: Re:No such thing as 'catastrophic man-made... (Score 4, Informative) 385 385

... global warming'...

But I'm amazed these retards actually used the phrase 'global warming', since the new accepted LIE is to use the deliberately misleading phrase 'climate change', which is MEANT to mean "catastropic man-made global warming', and is IMPLIED every time they use it...

Just go to and start reading the truth about this ridiculous 'global warming' scam. These 'scientists' are just shysters in it for the money, and my, doesn't it show.

ClimateDepot is a shell website created by the "Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow," a think tank funded by crackpot Richard Mellon Scaife (you might remember him from every fake Clinton scandal ever) and Exxon Mobil.

It's ran by Marc Morano, an ex-producer of Rush Limbaugh's show, which should tell you about as much as you need to know about it's journalistic ethics.

In short, ClimateDepot is a fake website designed to sucker idiots like you into believing there's some sort of "other side" to the climate change "debate" -- when in reality there isn't. But then again, 90% of the Climate Deniers I have met are in it just to piss off liberals in some sort of psychotic ignorant tribalism, so... perhaps I waste my breath.

Comment: Re:Streisand effect? (Score 1) 239 239

What about this slashdot entry? Will it also not appear in google search results?

Until they change the law to force Google to remove ALL Slashdot results to "ensure complete compliance with the citizen's rights."

Heck, I'm waiting for a US version of this law to allow companies to issue Google Gag orders against bad things they've done. Want to learn about how Exxon Mobil spilled oil? Not on the Corporate Internet, you don't!

Comment: Spore 2 (Score 1) 100 100

So they're making Spore 2? Or maybe Minecraft: Corporate Sellout edition? We've heard this song and dance before.

Of course, since I've been playing Roguelikes for decades, literally nothing in the hype train up there really gets my attention. Wake me when they have something with 1/10th the complexity of Dwarf Fortress.

Comment: Re:How deep is the rot in Washington? (Score 1) 682 682

Did you read your first reference? Or are you just some kind of special stupid?

Did you read my first reference? You are citing Darrel Issa's report, and my first source is all about pointing out that Darrel Issa's report is full of bad data. He lied. Made it up. Misled the American people. Intentionally. There is no scandal here and everyone not a Tea Party nutter knows it.

Comment: Re:How deep is the rot in Washington? (Score 1, Troll) 682 682

The politicization of the IRS should be the biggest scandal ever. How many other institutions are being used to pursue a political agenda instead of their true function?

Maybe because the politicization of the IRS is a fake scandal that even Newsmax and Fox News aren't covering anymore?

Seriously, it turned out that the IRS was actually covering Liberal Groups more than the Tea Party groups, something we would have known earlier except the GOP intentionally limited the audit to GOP groups. Oh, and the IRS is required by law to "harass" (read: investigate) Non-Profits in order to prevent the very thing that the GOP is freaking out about -- rich people like the Koch Brothers using fake non profits as a political machine. Note that the GOP isn't freaking out about people doing this, they're freaking out that they might be caught.

In other words, the real scandal is that the IRS somehow DIDN'T notice the Koch Brothers are breaking several dozen federal laws by astroturfing tea party "chartiies" in order to push anti-science, anti-climate change, and anti-worker agendas across the entire US.

All of this is due to the guy handling most of the GOP's fake scandals, Darrel Issa. He's got his thumbs in pretty much every fake scandal plaguing the Obama administration, in something that has come to be known as the Paula Jones Technique - make up fake scandals or inflate existing ones in hopes that your opponent (in this case, President Obama's Administration) can't do anything but react to the scandals.

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