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Comment: Re:Also Apple has the problem that it sells fashio (Score 1) 432

by fishboy (#44925973) Attached to: Apple Sells Nine Million iPhones Over Weekend
I can assure you that Apple does not see this fashionability as a problem. On the contrary, Apple assiduously uses fashion to both create and retain customers, and has been doing so since their beginning. Fashion is perhaps what Apple understands and other device makers who would sell their first-born for nine million unit sales in a weekend emphatically do not. That said, if you think that the cohesiveness and stickiness of the Apple ecosystem is just fashion, I have a poop-coloured zune to sell you. Someday, people will understand that consumers don't know what the specs on phones even mean, they just want a device that's priced within reach, looks cool, and works well for their needs.

Comment: Re:Biggest tight wad of all time (Score 1) 324

by fishboy (#37270836) Attached to: A Look Back At the Career of Steve Jobs

I've often thought that the USA way of taxing is a lot better than the Canadian way. In the US, money that you really don't deserve (inheritance, lotteries, etc.) is taxed quite hard but the money that you earn or invest (to create jobs) is not. In Canada, it is the reverse - lottery wins and other winfalls are not taxed at all but the money you actually earn is way, way over taxed.

first off you should do some research on the canadian taxation system. you will note that canadian income taxes are not much higher (and are lower in many brackets) unless you are making over $100,000; that corporate taxes are significantly (more than 10 points) lower; and that universal healthcare is included in the deal. the pension plan is also fully funded and the banking system is the strongest in the world. lottery wins, estates, and other windfalls are taxed quite heavily in canada as well. however, the size of the US debt, deficit, income disparity, and unemployment rate certainly point to an enlightened taxation system south of the border.


+ - Rotting Video Game Heritage->

Submitted by CFBMoo1
CFBMoo1 (157453) writes "Article describes how older video games are getting harder and harder to preserve. Problems like emulators not being perfect and even the emulators themselves becoming obsolete and they may not be able to preserve emulators and games properly as technology moves forward. Story also touches on the copyright aspect of preserving games."
Link to Original Source

+ - Fake Firefox Update Page Pushes Malware

Submitted by adeelarshad82
adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes "It has recently been reported that people are seeing a fake Firefox "Just Updated" page which pushes you to install an update to Flash. The page is roughly a clone of the page you see in Firefox after you update versions. It uses a recent (but not the most recent) update version, and tells the user that they really should update their Flash version. Presumably you'd see this even in another browser. The download starts automatically. Save and run it and you get a rogue antivirus product named "SecurityTool" which starts finding threats which aren't there and demanding payment in order to remove them."

Comment: Re:Shut Up, Former Astronaut! (Score 3, Insightful) 508

by _14k4 (#31845544) Attached to: Neil Armstrong Criticizes Obama's Space Strategy

yeah, go to hell those who agreed into loans they know they couldn't afford if their "gamble" didn't pay off. /me signs for loans he knows he can afford on a "worst case" scenario. (Yes, worst case for me means working at stop and shop, walmart, and mcdonalds. I'm not mexican, just ok with working "below" where my education has taken me.)

Comment: just surprised people still play WoW (Score 1) 160

by _14k4 (#30269808) Attached to: Online "Guilds" Mirror Real Life Gangs

Really. I tried it again after a year off, and yeah, the graphics are great and play on ANYTHING these days, however it just doesn't have the same hold as it used to. I'm playing Eve now, and yeah, it's grindy (all grinding, really) but it seems a bit more "adult" - maybe that's just it. The trial for EQ2 is going well, and that even seems a bit more adult, too.

Gangs are gangs. I've never done well in raid situations as I tend to get toned out (firefighter) for calls when we're about to enter the instance, etc. I'm always "that guy" who goes linkdead...

Comment: Re:WoW was ruined (Score 1) 238

by _14k4 (#29452493) Attached to: Casual Games Quickly Transforming the MMO Market

What I'd like is a game I can devote 20/60 minutes to and not really have to worry and think too hard about. I am a programmer, and spend all day in front of the pc. Lately, when I'm not in front of the pc I'm taking up things like working on my home, carpentry, etc. But when that game itch comes back, I can't find something that's a) free (I'm poor), b) mmo / social interaction, c) fun.

Well, I should say I can't find something graphical. I've been playing a lot of Materia Magica (a mud) lately...

PlayStation (Games)

Heavy Rain Gameplay Explained 56

Posted by Soulskill
from the stormy-weather dept.
David Cage, writer and director of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, has released a lengthy video of an entire level from the game, along with detailed commentary about how the game works. He demonstrates how to operate the UI, showing how contextual menus let you control actions, dialog, and even your character's thoughts, while also showcasing how the game's investigatory system works and even a few fighting-related quick-time events. 1Up recently spoke with Cage about his time in the games industry, including his previous work on Indigo Prophecy. They also did a Heavy Rain preview of their own, and spoke briefly about post-launch plans. The game is due out next year for the PS3.

Oh, so there you are!