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Comment: Amazon Prime and the Fucking Bastard (Score 1) 145

by Zynder (#48227007) Attached to: How To Beat Online Price Discrimination
You're right about the price being about the same but what you failed to remember is that I'll get it in 2 days. When you go with a non-Prime vendor, you might get it in 2 days, but it'll probably be 3 or 4 depending on the USPS. What I've noticed quite often is a shipping charge (even free) usually means it's coming from China so you're going to wait much longer. I've even bought an item that was Prime and had it replaced with a shipped from China version which I promptly called Amazon about and made them refund me the purchase. Even if you and timeOday believe I'm getting milked, I can still get a 24pack of toilet paper cheaper on Prime than going to Walmart, so that is one hell of a milking I'm getting, lol.

Now about bastards who fuck: The following statement is a hypothesis and only an hypothesis based on semi-solid rectal science. The author does not believe he is better than a bastard. Reader discretion is advised!
Being called a bastard is supposed to be an insult spouted off by those who think they are more righteous and better than you. One typically insults a lesser person to make themselves feel better but most importantly to remind said lesser that they are scum, will always be scum, and should wallow in their misery. So the premise is that a bastard should be unhappy. You know what makes me happy? Fucking. So you see, two bastards fucking are probably enjoying themselves and we just can't have that can we? Better to remind them that their mother's were whores and they need to get back to the self loathing as soon as possible.

Comment: No biggie, ya right! (Score 1) 145

by Zynder (#48226831) Attached to: How To Beat Online Price Discrimination
If that 6 cents were no biggie, then why does Aldi make you pay it? If that quarter for the buggies were no biggie then why do they make you pay it? Is it going to be a biggie when they start making you pay for a cashier instead of using a self checkout? I bet you didn't think your friendly Aldi tip was going to turn in to such a biggie huh? :)

Comment: Re:Want Critical Thinking? Fix the Public Schools (Score 1) 463

by Zynder (#48226711) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills
You call him a troglodyte yet you're the one spouting off Taliban-level nonsense. I really, really am sorry our system failed you now! Your whole post needs some serious attention to syntax, but ignoring that for a moment, your post needs some help in the logic department. You said poor people in your first sentence and then used rich people arguments as support. You will clearly not see the problem here. Again, I apologize.

Comment: You prove why we need education (Score 1) 463

by Zynder (#48226649) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills
When we deny children the right to an education, they grow up to spout crazy, incoherent nonsense like you are currently doing. It sounds like you're advocating anarchy and that road is literally a dead end. You just happen to think you'll be one of the elite carrying the gun when the shit goes down. I'm sorry our educational system failed you.

Comment: Re:What is critical thinking? (Score 1) 463

by Zynder (#48225891) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills
I could not have thought of a better way to explain this. Wish I had mod points. As an accessory example look at what critically thinking got the workers of Hostess. They saw the way the company was being ran, critically processed it, and came to the decision to stop playing their game. The company's response was to close the factory. If that doesn't clearly delineate which side of the argument regarding Cogs vs Thinkers that the CEOs are on, then I guess you can't critically think!

Comment: Re:And now the opposite view. (Score 1) 463

by Zynder (#48225709) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills
I interpret the story as Pepsi or H&R Block wanting critically thinking employees. You are absolutely correct with what they desire from their customers. Problem is, they don't want critically thinking employees either. They want meatdroids that just do what they are told for the lowest price possible. Your company would sound like a total shit pile though if you actively advertised that. So they just polish those terms up with words like critically thinking, rockstar, crème of the crop, highly dynamic, whatever the buzzword of the day is. Those money making critical thinkers you refer to are needed, but in such a small amount it is negligible. One critically thinking engineer can boss a hundred engineer droids around. Why would they want a critical thinker running the production machines? Advocating a blanket educational reform to raise the level of critical thinking would cause them to have tons of wage slaves who won't do what the hell they are told and those now critically thinkers might start wanting higher wages or healthcare even! We can't have that!

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