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Comment: Re:I'd dump my iPhone for one of these... (Score 1) 188

by Zynder (#46828893) Attached to: OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone
Well you've met one today: ME. I hang on to my Droid 4 just for this very reason. There is no lost screen real estate since it slides out from behind it and the keyboard is soldered directly to the motherboard (much to my dismay) so it doesn't really make the phone any thicker than it was already gonna be. Maybe a millimeter or 2 max. They are solid plastic keys with great feedback- not those shitty rubber ones from an 80s calculator that you're referring to. The only complaint (and it really isn't a complaint) is that after 3 years of heavy constant use, the keyboard lettering is flaking off and I can't really change them. The battery is also soldered in but it's still charging great after 3 years. I'll solder a new one in if I have to.

As far as sucky and cramped I must say "you're doing it wrong!" These keyboards are thumb keyboards. I think I actually type faster on them than a standard qwerty. YMMV of course but your opinion and mine are diametrically opposed. Swipe and screen keyboards are completely useless to me.

Comment: Re:Tesla maintenance fees (Score 1) 389

by Zynder (#46828475) Attached to: Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?
As you know, the whole reason this thread was began was because alen wanted to gripe about how much it costs per yer to maintain his vehicle. My outlook on that is that it is absolutely unnecessary. If you are one of the types that start to panic when the odometer hits 60k and you didn't have the super-stealership maintenance package done, then you're gonna get bilked. There are approximately 4 things you need to do to your car on a regular basis: gas, oil, brakes, and tires. The rest of everything else they try to charge you out the ass for is usually unnecessary. I laugh extremely hard when I hear people throw out "it costs me X per year in maintenance." You change that many tires a year? You going through that much oil? If not, you're pretty much getting hosed for no reason at all, but thanks for keeping the mechanics employed.

I'm a hacker- an old school hacker. That car will work the way I want it to, when I want it to, even if I have to take their DRM'd ECU out and throw it in the trash. I don't allow OTA updates on my Android equipment and it won't happen on my car either. Not until it's been properly vetted. We're Slashdotters, aren't we always telling people to check the source code before you patch it? I actually do if something in the change log catches my eye. I'm currently working on running my 85 Corolla off an Arduino Mega- which many Makers say isn't possible. It is looking quite possible as of right now. There isn't a service any dealer can offer me that I can't do myself, well besides selling me the car in the first place and apparently Tesla taking care of that issue as well

Comment: Re:They forget the coolness factor (Score 1) 389

by Zynder (#46820235) Attached to: Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?
No and you know it. He means has more features because those are what are cool. I don't give a shit if the phone physically looks "fashionable" but, like any tool, it needs to have the options, sensors, software, and whatnot that makes it the right tool for the right job. You wanna take a pot shot at Fandroids but you Apple apologists are just as bad. Now watch my karma tank cause I pointed this out.

Comment: Re:Yay for government!!! (Score 1) 139

by Zynder (#46792919) Attached to: Industry-Wide Smartphone "Kill Switch" Closer To Reality

when they need it, they really need it without delay.

Could you please give me a scenario where someone gets their phone stolen and needs to have its ability to dial out disabled as fast as possible, preferably within minutes of the act. Please be creative. Somehow indirectly referencing Jack Bauer, an IED suing a cellphone as a trigger, and that dun-dun noise from Law and Order will score extra points. GO!

Comment: Re:IT'S A TRAP!!! (Score 1) 312

by Zynder (#46792805) Attached to: Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk
Not sure if you're serious but I am-- I AGREE! This will sit [sic pun intended![pun of sic also intended]] a terrible precedent that I won't stand for! It's just an excuse to buy fewer chairs and pack us in more literally like sardines. When I see the CEO lacks a comfy chair I might change my mind, but until then I shall stand with you, toe to toe, a pair of sole mates if you will, against this odoriferous fungus-like rot that is taking over corporate America!

Comment: Re:Medical Device Certification? (Score 1) 91

by Zynder (#46759495) Attached to: Carpenter Who Cut Off His Fingers Makes "Robohand" With 3-D Printer
I don't think it is unrealistic, the guy I replied to did. That's why it needs to happen no matter the hurt. Rip that band aid off already! Bitzstream's response though is quite correct. The insurance leeches have to be dealt with. The only "voluntary" way to get them to comply is buy them off. Looks like ACA might be just that but it is still better than what we had.

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