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Shitty try dude. Nowhere in his post did he say anything xenophobic. He simply pointed out cowboy Ted is not really a cowboy. Kind of like how you rightwingers keep swearing up and down that Obama is a Muslim Kenyan. The only difference is we're right and you're wrong :P

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by Zynder (#47412781) Attached to: Rob Pardo Says Farewell To Blizzard
DISCLAIMER: I do not know you. This post will say "you" but I mean you in a general sense and not you personally.

Your guilds were never strong to begin with. The only reason those 80 people played nice was because many of the big guild leaders were total aspie douchnozzles who held the raids and loot over your head like Damocles Sword. If you didn't kowtow to these guys then you weren't running shit. It didn't even matter if you were good or not. You could be the most epic player on the planet but if he didn't like you or maybe his GF wanted a seat in the raid then you were just out of luck. The term elitist jerk came around because of those guys. When you lock out folks from playing the game as they see fit they tend to leave. Pugging fixed that and didn't take anything away from you unlike what many will claim. You still had your normal raids and heroics. You could still sit in trade all day looking for a tank and then walk your happy ass to the dungeon door as always. Using LFG and LFR takes absolutely zero things away from you but opens it up to those guys you didn't think were good enough. Your guild fell apart because it was already broken. If it wasn't, then you wouldn't be here lamenting the fact your guild died. A tight knit guild would have survived. You didn't say anything specific why your particular guild died, but if it was because of PUGs then you had more problems than you were aware of. I've had 2 guilds die myself. Both were simply because of life. We'd have an awesome team going and the next thing you know, everyone has a job working 12 hour days, had a baby, moved, etc. Now I run a 3 person guild and we do what we want, when we want, and don't worry about the rat race. The stress level dropped so much when I quit worrying about raiding 3 nights a week and keeping my PvP tier fresh and maxxed out. I'll never be epic in that regard but I'll be good enough- and that's fine with me.

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by Zynder (#47412689) Attached to: Rob Pardo Says Farewell To Blizzard
You can call them and get the preorder cancelled. If you're serious that is. Most of the folks like you aren't. You'll see thread after thread on the Wow forums with people quitting left and right but do you know how many times crackheads, alcoholics, and junkies in general say "I quit, this is it. Never again!" Pretty much all of them. It lasts a few days at most and they're right back at their addiction. I've quit wow before. I hate kung fu pandas soooooo fucking much. Guess what I'm doing now? Leveling toons on Moon Guard. I even just RAF'd a $10 account. I think the only thing that could make WoW worse would be Bronies. WoD can't be that bad.

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by Zynder (#47412655) Attached to: Rob Pardo Says Farewell To Blizzard
Bears are the only class I can consistently roflstomp with very little attention payed. I don't know what you managed to do no one else could figure out but bears are still the only class "not viable in pvp". Even prot pallys are better! And that was in Cata. I gave up on pvp in Pandaria. They broke it badly. Hell, I gave up on Pandaria period. I don't care how many people want to point out brewmasters in WC3- Blizz CLEARLY copied Kung Fu Panda. Fuck pandas!

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