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Comment Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 579 579

Does it matter? This bug not being fixed reflects very poorly on google and android as a whole, not the carriers, or the manufacturers. Google should at least put up a patch and then leave it in the hands of the carriers to push it our or not. To not even bother making a fix just proves the android fragmentation problem is a serious issue.

Comment Re:Why lay fiber at all when you can gouge wireles (Score 1) 201 201

Yes more revenue, but still not as profitable. The problem is that it also costs them more to provide more services even when bundled. Whearas with wireless they can provide all the same services but charge significantly more to actually provide it.

Comment Re:Considering how few boys graduate at ALL (Score 2) 355 355

Actually valuing soft skills over hard skills will prepare them perfectly for the job environment in the western business culture. Everything coming out of HR at my company is stating this. Soft skills are far more valuable than hard skills when it comes to job progression. If you're good bs'er you'll move up the corporate ladder far faster than the next guy regardless of your comparative hard skill level.

If graphics hackers are so smart, why can't they get the bugs out of fresh paint?