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Canada Election Result Bad News For DMCA Opponents 311

Posted by kdawson
from the wrong-direction-up-north dept.
An anonymous reader writes "For those with a stake in the opposition of Jim Prentice's C-61, the Canadian DMCA, this previous week's election results will be displeasing. The Conservative Party, which promised to reintroduce the DMCA if elected, gained 19 seats this election, mostly at the expense of the flagging liberal party, a mere 12 short of a majority government. The increase in Conservative representation, as well as the relatively low profile of this issue amidst other, more pressing concerns, increases the likelihood that the son of C-61 will come to fruition. On a positive note, the number of MPs supporting Geist's copyright pledge has increased to 34. Given the Conservative Party's historic disregard of public opinion, however, the efforts of the copyright-pledge MPs will have to rally the full opposition across three major parties in order to defeat the bill. A mere 12 MPs now stand between the Canadian public and the MAFIAA's hungry maw."

Journal: Sunday morning 1

Journal by mao che minh
The sound of the landscapers working on the lawn awoke me. I could tell it was still very early, because my alarm hadn't even gone off yet. The thin beams of light peircing the blinds fell blue against the floor. I slowly forced my grogy-body into a sitting position, leaned back against the wall, and split the blinds apart to get a good look at the weather.
GNU is Not Unix

Journal: A myriad of emotions 2

Journal by mao che minh
I was wandering down Main Street yesterday morning, I believe that I was shopping for shoes, when I caught a glimpse of a very attractive "surfer chick". Light brown hair, athletic build, short form-hugging O'Neil swimming trunks.

I paused, stared at the slowly crawling clouds in the sky, and thought to myself: "Man, it would be fucking sweet to drag my sweaty ball sac across her pretty virgin face".

I then turned to my girlfriend and smiled.

Role Playing (Games)

Journal: I got big old balls 5

Journal by mao che minh

I got big balls
Big ol' balls
Big as grapefruits
Big as pumpkins
Yes sir, yes sir
And on my really good days
They swell to the size of small dogs
My balls are as big as small dogs

Well, it ain't braggin' if it's true
Yes sir, yes sir
It ain't braggin' if it's true
Muhammad Ali said that
Back when he was a young man
Back when he was Cassius Clay
Before he fought too many fights
And left his brain inside the ring

"Nature is very un-American. Nature never hurries." -- William George Jordan