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Submission + - Another Windows 10 update causes trouble, this time with Word 2016 (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft hasn’t had much luck when it comes to tweaking its various bits of software of late, and the Redmond truck has suffered another update fender-bender, this time affecting Microsoft Word 2016 users running Windows 10.

Comment Re:Playing catch-up (Score 1) 254

Hydrogen is just a stopgap measure, though. You have to use electricity to make the hydrogen, so in ten years when a car battery has 600+ miles range on a 20 minute charge, why bother?

Who wants to build out tens of thousands of hydrogen filling stations only to have them go obsolete within a decade? I can't see a big hydrogen network being built by anybody with any sense, and without that hydrogen cars won't make any headway.

One of the big advantages with battery powered cars is you already *have* electricity. There might not be a rapid charger anywhere near you, but you can still plug it in to a wall outlet overnight. So you can sell electric cars and then build the infrastructure after they start to take off.

Comment Re:Battery life: 1.5 hr w/ads, 4.5 hr w/blocking. (Score 2) 398

I went to a website once that had a message where ads would normally be, asking me to turn off my adblocker to support that site. Fine. I did. It loaded an ad. I read the page and then went back to Word or whatever else I was doing.

1.5 hours later, my laptop shuts itself down due to low battery. I'd left the page open when I alt-tabbed away from it and the Flash ad that should have been an animated GIF thrashed my CPU until the battery ran dry a couple of hours sooner than it should've. I still needed to use the laptop and hadn't brought the charger, because I shouldn't have needed it.

Never again. "Please unblock our ads to support the site!" Fuck you.

Comment Re:Luddite here (Score 1) 144

Most things last longer if they aren't ever powered on. Stuff wears out.

Assuming an SSD has any sort of normal workload and isn't being thrashed by an enterprise database or chain-running disk benchmarks, they will be very obsolete by the time wearing out from writes might be an issue. The SSDs I've seen can even report how worn out they are so they can be replaced and retired.

Comment Re: Just take it in (Score 2) 479

I've heard the arguments for renting cars and houses.

If you're buying a new car every 3-4 years and selling the old one, it can be cheaper to lease instead. If you're buying a car that's a few years old and keeping it until it's worn out, it's much cheaper to buy outright. You pay it off and spend a number of years with a car and no car payment.

Houses, you don't pay off in just a year or two. When you first take out a loan and buy a house, most of your house payment is just keeping up with the interest with a small portion going towards actually paying down the loan. If you're going to sell the house in 5 years and move, fees and taxes can easily eat up any value that you actually have in the house. So if you're going to be moving semi-frequently, renting isn't much different financially and you don't have to deal with buying, selling, the associated fees and taxes, and the issues of home ownership.

That's the reasoning, anyway. The point is, you have to do the math and figure out what makes sense for you.

Comment Re:not so fast (Score 3, Insightful) 128

'Imply' means something different in formal logic. You can use this line instead: "Just because two things happen at almost the same time doesn't prove that the first one caused the second."

The guy who got shot in the brain could have had a heart attack seconds earlier. You still need to do the autopsy to prove that the shot was the cause of death. Yeah, it probably was, but 'probably' isn't proof.

Comment Re:Thankfully those will be patched right in a jif (Score 1) 127

It's more like you install a 17 gig OS on a 17 gig disk, and then they release a free service pack that adds a ton of stuff. From Face Unlock to data usage limits to VPNs to support for new screen dimensions. And it needs more space for all the extra code. And then they offer security updates that assume you have the free service pack. They didn't release security fixes for Windows XP SP3 and also backport the fixes to SP2 and SP1.

Comment Re:Thankfully those will be patched right in a jif (Score 2) 127

The Nexus One was abandoned because Google said the hardware was too old. And they have a point - you have to jump through some major hoops to get a modern ROM onto it.

The N1 has 512 MB internal flash, and the way it was partitioned meant Android 4.0 was larger than the N1's system partition. Its partitioning scheme dates from the days when apps couldn't be moved to the SD card, so the system partition is only barely big enough to hold Android 2.3 to allow the maximum possible space for apps. Sure, you can plug it into a PC, repartition and format, load a new system image onto the phone from the PC, use a hack so all apps get silently redirected to an SD card, etc... but there was no way to do an OTA update.

In short: the Nexus One has a critical hardware issue in that it only barely has enough internal space to store its own OS.

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