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Comment: Misleading title (Score 4, Interesting) 137

by Zouden (#45410999) Attached to: Facebook Patented Making NSA Data Handoffs Easier

Cooperating with the NSA to give unrestricted access to private data (aka PRISM) is completely different to complying with subpoenas. Facebook got a patent on the latter, but not the former as the headline suggests.

If you have a problem with FB giving over your data in response to legal requests then take it up with the agencies making the requests, because Facebook don't get a choice in the matter.

Comment: Foreshadowing (Score 2) 376

by Zouden (#44368597) Attached to: The Last GUADEC?

Is this a preview of what might happen to Linux distros at some point in the future? Android has had a bigger impact than anyone expected. I wouldn't be surprised if it leads to Linux becoming more marginalised (servers only) and fewer people adopting it on the desktop.

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