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Submission + - Users force Dell to resurrect XP

jakosc writes: The BBC reports that Dell continues to respond to feed back from their ideastorm website, and has restarted selling new PCs with Windows XP installed on them, reversing a January policy decision to abandon XP for Vista. The article quotes from analyst Michael Silver, 'This is really odd. On new PCs, consumers usually do want the latest and greatest.'

Comment Re:Sender ID, SPF, DomainKeys (Score 1) 128

Protecting the envelope sender protects from bounces being sent to a spoofed sender, though there are other ways to do this on the sender's end.

Potentially SPF, Sender ID and DomainKeys could be used in concert since there are no conflicts between them with the exception of Sender ID's re-use of SPF v1 records that may not have been written with Sender ID's PRA in mind.

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