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Comment: Re:Truth, fiction, stranger than (Score 0) 134

by Zot Quixote (#39619339) Attached to: America's Secret Underground Ice Fortresses
Actually, the visuals don't just invoke Empire. Really the original 'The Thing' from the 1950s (based on the John Campbell short story from the 40s) has a shot that looks much like the first one. And I suppose Aliens vs. Predators used a setting that wasn't such a far cry from this as well.

Comment: Re:Good grief. Religious zealots really annoy me. (Score 0) 356

by Zot Quixote (#38909373) Attached to: Is the Earth Gaining Or Losing Mass?
It was a legitimate and interesting statistic not a "green hook".

> So now burning (hint, just a chemical action) some dead dinosaur is releasing the energy equivilent of 160 TONNES?

You actually upmodded this as insightful slashdotters? I am sad. Global warming happens not because of combustion of fossil fuels but rather because energy (overwhelmingly solar) gets trapped on the earth. Notice how it is cooler at night than in the day? Ever wonder why? There is this big yellow splotch in the sky. Maybe you noticed it.

So just to recap, greenhouse gasses, created by burning those fossil fuels trap the sun's energy here on earth and raises the temperature/energy level.

Comment: Re:Amazed at how long they've lasted (Score 0) 386

by Zot Quixote (#37862832) Attached to: Next-Gen Game Consoles Still Years Off
I'm not certain I like the idea of putting the problem of dl speed on to the game designers. I'd rather have physical media and have more options early in a game.

That said, it would be nice if the next gen had either an SSD or a hybrid SSD/spindle system that you can load the game into and then dispense with the disk. The whole hassle of disk swapping actually makes me not want to buy another console.

Comment: Re:Weird abstract... (Score 0) 386

by Zot Quixote (#37862716) Attached to: Next-Gen Game Consoles Still Years Off
<quote> <p> For Sony and Microsoft to refresh their console lines after only 5 years means taking a huge loss on the last generation of consoles. It took them 3-4 years to stop making a loss on every bit of HW sold, they still haven't paid back the R&amp;D yet. The PS3 in particular really does need a 10 year life span to pay itself off. Both MS and Sony subsidise their console divisions from more profitable areas (OS and Office from MS, TV's and computers for Sony). The hardware was designed to be a loss leader, with the profit being made up in game licensing (this is why BF3 for console is $10-20 more expensive then the same game for PC. There are no per-disc licenses for PC's)

Nintendo does not have this problem. They made a profit from the word go so they've paid off all costs incurred in producing the Wii. This realistically should put the final nail in the coffin for the PC-alike consoles. Console gamers want actual consoles that are fun to play, not weak PC's with limited control schemes. I dont think we'll see another "high powered" console war like we saw between the Xbox360 and PS3 after the low powered Wii ate their lunch. MS will likely copy Nintendo with the next Xbox. Sony may not be so quick to learn and another loss like the PS3 may sink the PS brand.</p></quote>

I've heard people make this claim before, and I believe I've also seen it debunked before. Can you cite some sources proving that Sony took a loss on PS3s early in the cycle and that Nintendo didn't on Wiis?

Comment: Surprised by a lack of mention of Bushido Blade (Score 0) 186

by Zot Quixote (#37112384) Attached to: The Case For Surrealism In Games
As long as we're discussing how characters in game generally take unreal amounts of damage, Bushido Blade is one game that was much better about this. One hit would kill or at least seriously maim you so that you would have to find with a limp or one handed.

Of course, I don't know how connected this sort of realism is to narratice style. I'd say it is a convention, much like when you go to see a play it is accepted that if the lights go down and the props onstage are changed, the actors are now portraying the characters in a new location/time.

Comment: Re:Let's not let broadband history repeat itself.. (Score 0) 324

by Zot Quixote (#35180604) Attached to: Obama's Goal: 98% of US Covered By 4G
Or we've taught people to paranoid in the absence of evidence.

Frankly, I've found it strange that people are so much more suspicious of Obama than they were of Bush. I shouldn't be surprised, the country has the attention span of a kitten with a bad coke habit. Still, just on credibility alone, Obama (a real pragmatist) should have it.

The bottom line is, there is no substitute for actual critical thinking. Slashdot and other communities are, unfortunately, very prone to groupthink.

Comment: Re:Great for middle-class employed people. (Score 0) 324

by Zot Quixote (#35180528) Attached to: Obama's Goal: 98% of US Covered By 4G
Actually, the percentage of poor and unemployed is on the decline, in the short term at least.

And more and better infrastructure tends to benefit everyone, even if that infrastructure only directly impacts a particular class. I don't generally buy into trickle down economics, but infrastructure sets the stage for new businesses to grow.

Comment: Re:lip service (Score 0) 125

by Zot Quixote (#35129608) Attached to: Congresswoman Writes On Broadband, Net Neutrality
Uh, remember how congress are the ones writing and passing legislation? That might be important before you shoot your mouth off about how this is lip service.

The occupant of the white house is just responding to last November. This country wants more GOP-like policies and its wants more business friends policy. If you didn't want to have to pay extra for your pron you should've voted last fall.

Comment: Re:wrong way round (Score 0) 669

by Zot Quixote (#34704360) Attached to: Wikileaks and Democracy In Zimbabwe
Look, I understand the ideal you're going for, but the world isn't cookie cutter perfect. Are you really going to adhere to your ideals when real lives are at stake?

In addition, I'm concerned with the fragile peace in Iraq. It may be inevitable that Iraq will descend into civil war, but the cables probably don't help matters.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"