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Comment: Re:Quit mucking with the UI (Score 2) 255

by ZosX (#46301419) Attached to: Ubuntu 14.04 Brings Back Menus In Application Windows

Goddamn right! I hate to say it, but I refuse to use ubuntu anymore because it seems like every new release is a total clusterfuck of new half finished ideas. I never liked gnome all that much, but even going back to version 2 would seem like an improvement at this point. Linux devs need to work together and produce a consistent UI, but no lets instead have different flavors of X and a million different desktop environments. Because that's so much better. Could you imagine how polished the UI would be if you combined all these teams competing to get to the same place? Go ahead. Cue all the fanboys that tell me choice is better.

Comment: Re:"Presume" there's no pipe? (Score 2) 141

by ZosX (#45867105) Attached to: Object Blocking Giant Tunnel Borer Was an 8" Diameter Pipe

Did you even read the grandparent? The cutters can be replaced from inside the machine. If there is damage to the face, they may find it impossible to replace the cutters. The area where the cutter is located is under high pressure and inundated with water. Yeah, they can back it up, but that still leaves the pressure and water to deal with.

Comment: Re:Write limits (Score 1) 183

by ZosX (#45627389) Attached to: Intel SSD Roadmap Points To 2TB Drives Arriving In 2014

They were more of an issue with small drives and swapping operating systems. Those problems were overcome pretty early on with as you point out intelligent drive controllers that don't write data in the same place. Since the latency almost non-existent in SSD, there's suddenly almost no penalty for writes across the drive. With 2TB of space to work with it will take a very, very long time. I imagine drives of this size would be used for data storage more than anything, so it depends on usage. The average home user will likely never hammer their drive like a datacenter will.

+ - Row over US mobile phone 'cockroach backpack' app->

Submitted by arisvega
arisvega (1414195) writes "A US company that has developed an "electronic backpack" that fits onto a cockroach allowing its movements to be controlled by a mobile phone app has defended itself against cruelty claims.

For the "electronic backpack" to work the cockroaches have to be placed in icy water to subdue them before sandpaper is used to remove the waxy coating on the shell of the insect's head.

An electrode connector and electrodes are then glued on to the insect's body and a needle is used to poke a hole in their thorax in order to insert a wire. Their antennae are then cut and electrodes are inserted. A circuit is attached to their backs, and signals are received through a mobile phone app allowing users to control the cockroaches' movements to the left and to the right.

The Roboroach weighs 4.5g and is compatible with most mobile phones. It overrides the insect's antennae making it turn left and right at the flick of a switch."

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