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Comment Re: NASA did not get anywhere since Bush (Score 2) 87

Heh I really didn't know what you meant. I am not American.
Look on wikipedia, there is a long and not even complete list of meanings for WIC.
Besides changing course of NASA is just wasting money, it does not gain money for other projects. And the NASA budget is just 17.5 Billion. It is irrelevant for other state projects. WIC budget is 4.7 Trillion (that's what I just found).

Comment Re:NASA did not get anywhere since Bush (Score 1) 87

What do you mean by WIC? Wideband Imaging Camera is the only NASA related meaning I found, but that shouldn't cost more than a few millions. Though I agree that they should have kept many of the small projects that were cancelled to put money in the big one. Which was kind of cancelled too and turned into something else.

Comment Re:Either this is false or they are idiots (Score 2) 202

Yes preventing the mass usage of end to end encryption would be the conclusion.
Though he has a point. Reducing encrypted communication makes it harder for them to hide. With everyone using encryption it becomes impossible to track them down. If only a few end users use it there is a chance to find them through the metadata.
Not making encryption a standard implementation means that you and me can still use it, but authorities could find out that you and me exchanged encrypted communication.

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