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Comment Save me! (Score 1) 667

All these comments filled with your micro-aggressions totals to over one mini-aggression.

I will report this site and its contributors to the nearest college student president. Then I'll be off to find my non-denominational, mono-gendered Yoda doll and vegan, cruelty-free GreenLube then proceed to sooth my hurt feelings.

Comment What about their web site designers? (Score 4, Insightful) 217

Are the people who produced the horrid piece of trash they now call a web site part of the 15% being sent packing? What used to be a fairly easy way of getting stories in an easy-to-use format is now a jumbled mess of shitty colors and blocky outlines.

I, and many others I have heard, have stopped going to their site as a direct result of the change. If Mayer, or the morons in charge of web design, were hoping to get more eyeballs to their site, they have failed miserably.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 4, Insightful) 1829

Trolls have always been an integral part of slashdot, and part of the "uncensored" appeal of the site.

Agree 100%. To this day I still laugh at myself when I get suckered into a goatse/rosebud/tubgirl click. If ye can't handle the gutter, read at +2 or higher.

To reference back to an old post of mine from 2003 ''Reading /. at -1 is like driving through Cracktown in a covertible that's stuck in first gear. There's a whole culture "down here"''

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