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Comment Re:wan port (Score 2) 123

The ideal location for a wireless base station is up high, centrally located in the home. This is usually not where your desk area is that has a lot of the stuff that plugs into wired ports.

So a single port makes sense. Put the router up high somewhere, then run a single cable back to a switch located in your home office. Plug everything in there.

Still, this is not for me. I prefer using a full-fledged Linux server as a router. There's just so much more you can do, and you fully control everything it does.

Comment Re:One thing I'd pay a lot of money for: (Score 2) 223

This is why I believe in buying ONLY Postscript printers.

A Postscript printer will never lose operating system support. It's standardized, and universally supported on every operating system. Hell, all the printers at work are added on my Mac as "Generic Postscript Printer" and work flawlessly with that driver.

Postscript or nothing.

Comment Re:This used to be the case in the past... (Score 2) 223

I loved the Stylus Color. Printers back then were a lot dumber; the cartridges wouldn't "expire" or any of that bullshit; you would just print and print until it physically ran out of ink and you'd start getting missing colors on your page, THEN replace the cartridge.

Printers are one area where we've definitely regressed technology-wise. Which is ironic because it is a lot less necessary now than it was back in 1995.

Comment Re:Don't believe the hype (Score 4, Insightful) 223

I've yet to see a color laser that can print photos as well as even the cheapest color ink jets.

I think laser printing tech doesn't lend well to making photographic prints. Probably due to the glossy paper and the need to mix ink colors together to create a wide color spectrum. With lasers everything you print is essentially half-toned, like photos in a magazine.

Comment Re:Wow, end of an era. (Score 1) 152

>As for getting professors to give up old equipment, start metering the electricity and billing the department.

HAH I wish. It's funny because if this junk were x86 we would have simply virtualized it years ago. But it's SPARC and there (still) isn't a good emulator for sun4m. I think one was "getting there" but was still crashy when we tried it last.

Comment Re:..all versions of Android after and including 2 (Score 5, Insightful) 120

It's the phone makers' faults. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

Apple has shown that it's possible for the device manufacturer to deploy new software directly. Yet in the Android world, it's still the carriers doing it. There's only a few phones where the manufacturer pushes new updates (and even those don't tend to be supported as long as iPhones do)

The Android world needs to wake the hell up and start supporting its users properly. It's ridiculous that this sort of situation can happen; if a similar exploit appeared for iOS, Apple would patch devices in 10 seconds flat.

Comment Re:Wow, end of an era. (Score 2) 152

What's amazing is how RELIABLE those things were.

We have a couple of SparcStation 5 units STILL RUNNING because a professor refuses to let them go. They have 2GB hard drives (yes TWO gigs) and 128MB of RAM. These things were outrageously expensive when they came out; I'm guessing Sun spent a lot of the extra money on overengineering the hell out of everything.

"Sir this version of Solaris is no longer supported. We can't keep running it unless we block access to it from the Internet."
"It doesn't need Internet access, just block it and let me keep using it."

"Sir this machine is older than some of your students. If it dies we cannot replace any parts."
"No problem just leave it up."

"Just leave it."

Ahh, academia. :)

Comment Why are websites dragging their feet on this? (Score 5, Insightful) 93

Heck, even many websites that still require Flash for desktop browsers will happily send HTML5 video to mobile browsers.

For example, the BBC. You go to videos on BBC and it says "Plugin required", so I go up and change my User Agent to iPad, and *WHAM*, the video plays using HTML5 without a problem.

THE CODE IS ALREADY DONE!!!! Why don't they just throw the switch?

Comment Drama is coming. (Score 5, Insightful) 90

I predict that men will whine that they can't see videos set so that only women can see them.

I predict the women who posted the above videos will whine if men post videos set so only men can see them, saying it's sexist, while not realizing the hypocrisy.

I predict SJWs will whine that this somehow doesn't include transgendered people.

I predict that I will sit back with a big tub of popcorn and enjoy the hilarious drama.

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