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Comment Content providers still get paid (Score 1) 172

It's amazing how much of a big deal they make about this, when they still get paid regardless of where you watch.

The content industry seems to put Netflix VPN users right up there with being bad as pirates! Umm, hello, they're still PAYING for their content. And the content owners are being paid, even if the path is different than it would be otherwise.

It's a big mess; we really need to start wiping out geographic barriers to content availability. One world, one internet.

Comment "(tolled) SMS" (Score 1) 134

Looks like Brazil's telecoms need to join the 21st century and stop charging to send tiny bits of data around.

If they can't survive without this particular revenue, surely they can find revenue elsewhere? The US telecoms have had no problem thriving after they stopped charging for SMS, minutes and long distance! They just ream us on data now, which, although it sucks, is a hell of a lot better than paying 10 cents per text message.

Comment Re:Don't understand Facebook's view (Score 1) 134

By the way: I love Telegram and use it all the time, but I just wanted to remind you that it can be blocked as well.

When the people in power want something done, the geeks (who just want everyone to be happy usually) have to comply, or they will be replaced by other people who will do it. That includes censoring and ruining the Internet.

It sucks. :(

Comment Lawmakers don't understand technology (Score 4, Insightful) 556

The bad guys are just going to keep using existing software that doesn't have these backdoors (esp open source software that can be vetted). In other words, this legislation will accomplish absolutely nothing but making mainstream communication tools less secure.

Comment All good things... (Score 1) 83

All good things come to an end. I'm convinced of this. Nothing cool like Twitter can exist long before idiots try to ruin it.

This is making me less excited about new sites and tech as I get older because I know that if I use it and get to love it, it will be ruined right under my nose. Kinda depressing, no?

Another example is the Music app on iOS. It was beautiful and perfect, and Apple f**ked it all up and made it ugly, overly complex and glitchy.

Nothing good lasts forever.

Comment You can't pay the ransom (Score 4, Insightful) 124

They have the information. They can release it any time.

You might pay the ransom, then they'll demand more money a year down the line.

It sucks that the customer data got released, but paying a ransom isn't the right way to deal with this. Improve security, make it harder to breach the systems. Paying ransoms just encourages more ransoms in the future.

If the criminals know they'll never get their ransom paid, they'll stop. (and move onto other criminal endeavors I'm sure... but that's criminals for ya)

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 299

This is true. USB parallel ports are only implemented far enough to get printers working. Pretty much nothing else from the dark ages will work.

Serial ports are a bit better, but still have compatibility issues because most of them just use TTL level (5 volt) signaling, whereas RS232 specified 12 volts. The better ones have voltage multipliers onboard that will provide the necessary higher voltages; if you want to hook up vintage terminals to your computer using a USB serial port, these are often required.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 4, Informative) 299

Centronics parallel ports are something that I do not miss. Even slightly.

Before the USB era, pretty much every peripheral that needed a faster connection than serial but was too cheap to implement SCSI used a parallel port. Webcams (Connectix QuickCam was a famous one), Zip drives, laplink cables, etc... it was insane. Parallel ports provided no power, so these devices either required a power brick or stole power from the AT/PS2 keyboard interface.

When it worked, great! When it didn't, good luck getting it working. I always used to pay a little more for SCSI when it was available because it was faster and a million times more reliable.

Remember the Zip Drive Plus? It was a drive that could either do SCSI or Parallel on the same port. I like to think of it as the height of the clunky, kludge-filled world we had before USB.

If the personal computer market ever had a "savior", it would be USB. It was truly a dark time before that.

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