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Comment: Re:Your douchebag's name is Arnell Johnson (Score 1) 294

by Zordrak (#35286304) Attached to: Trying To Lure Suckers, Company Resells Open Source Blender
Oh.. I forgot the disclaimer. Must add one RIGHT at the bottom somewhere.. so here's some content: ...... ...... And now for the DISCLAIMER: It might not be Arnell Johnson. The views of this slashdot member do not represent anything other than common sense and editorial content.

Comment: Your douchebag's name is Arnell Johnson (Score 0) 294

by Zordrak (#35286246) Attached to: Trying To Lure Suckers, Company Resells Open Source Blender
At the bottom of the ClickBank page where you are asked to enter your details: [affiliate = arnell75]. Google says: Gives you:!/arnell75. Basic premise? How to use the Internet to make money. Sound familiar? Seems like the man behind this immoral scam to me.

+ - Here We Go Again: Video Standards War 2010->

Submitted by Andy Updegrove
Andy Updegrove (956488) writes "Think of the words "standards war," and if you're of a certain age you're likely to think of the battle between the Betamax and VHS video tape formats. Fast forward, and you'll recall we just finished another video standards war between most of the same companies, this time between HD DVD and Blu-ray. Well, here we go again, except this time its the movie studios that are duking it out, and DRM issues is a big part of it. On the one side are five of the six major studios, dozens of cable, hardware, software, distribution and device vendors, and on the other side there's just Disney — and maybe Apple as well, and that's enough to have the other side worried."
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+ - CES Kicks Out Vendors doing Business in Hotels->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "DailyTech reports that a number of companies with tiny budgets who resorted to the survival tactic of showing their new gear at hotel suites around Vegas during CES were kicked out of hotel rooms they paid for by CES's organizers. According to our sources as many as 30 small electronics companies may have been kicked out of The Venetian and The Palazzo on Thursday."
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+ - SPAM: Mozilla Starts to Follow a New Drumbeat

Submitted by ChiefMonkeyGrinder
ChiefMonkeyGrinder (1459991) writes "Key, then, to the Drumbeat project is openness, specifically openness as applied to the Internet. That's fits in well with the original impulses behind Mozilla and Firefox. The former was about transforming the Netscape Communincator code into an open source browser, and the latter was about defending open standards from Microsoft's attempt to lock people into Internet Explorer 6 and its proprietary approaches. Both Mozilla and Firefox have succeeded, but the threats have now changed."
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+ - SPAM: Half of all data centers understaffed

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "Fifty percent of IT executives say their data centers are understaffed, and companies are still looking for more ways to cut costs, according to Symantec's latest "State of the Data Center" report. Sixteen percent of survey respondents said their data centers are extremely understaffed, and another 34% called their data centers somewhat understaffed. At the same time, data centers are becoming more complex and harder to manage, with more applications, data and increasingly demanding service-level agreements. "Data center complexity has led to a lot of staffing challenges," says Sean Derrington, director of storage management and high availability at Symantec."
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+ - Arizona drivers say no to Gatso cameras->

Submitted by oobayly
oobayly (1056050) writes "The Daily Telegraph reports that Arizona drivers are ignoring tickets being issued by UK style fixed speeding cameras. It appears that as the fines are not being delivered in person it's possible for them to be ignored as there's no proof of receipt. Judges appear to be agreeing with this (in the US anyway).
Why can't we use the same excuse here in the UK?"

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