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Comment: Re:Disproportionate response (Score 1) 212

The shooter had a known history of drug abuse.

And other mental health issues. And a long rap sheet for various petty crimes.

He was a very recent convert to Islam. Interestingly enough, even his friend at the mosque thought he was "erratic" and perhaps "mentally ill".

Comment: Re:Expert opinion? (Score 0) 212

You're already heaps more annoying than Haselton has ever been.

ProTip: If you don't want to read his submissions, DON'T READ HIS SUBMISSIONS. (And don't bother telling us about it. We don't give a shit what you read, or don't.)

The acting-out bullshit is about what we'd expect from a 14 year old kid who's pissed off because someone else got a date with a girl who wouldn't go out with him in any event.

Comment: Re: Nukes in Space (Score 1) 15

by Zontar The Mindless (#48228011) Attached to: Peter Kuran:Visual Effects Artist and Atomic Bomb Archivist

Just because the US and USSR/Russia got rid of some of their nukes doesn't mean they don't still have plenty. Not to mention the other members of the nuclear club, which now includes the DPRK and possibly Iran.

So there's still at least some hope for a fiery Armageddon, for those folks who hope for one.

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You've no real need for Trad characters on the mainland unless you're doing historical research, or you want to write in Cantonese (and many Cantonese speakers can't actually write it); otherwise, they are used in only in Taiwan/Macau/HK and by some overseas Chinese communities. Singapore and Malaysia both mandate Simplified for their Chinese speakers as well.

Many of the Simplified characters are derived by regular rules from the Traditional characters, which helps if you're interested in learning both as I am, since on my trips there, I usually spend in both Guangzhou and HK.

You might also gain some perspective by considering the fact that 800900 million people write using Simplified, and maybe 1/10 of that number use Traditional.

Comment: Re:/. is getting more and more unbelievable !! (Score 1) 209

German is actually SVO[V] for indicatives, VSO[V] for interrogatives, and SO[V]V for subordinate clauses.

Ich möchte in die Bibliotek gehen.

Darf ich in die Bibliotek gehen?

Ich glaube, daß meine Freunde in die Bibliotek gegangen sind. / Ich glaube, daß meine Freunde in die Bibliotek gingen.

And leading off with a predicate forces a switch from SV to VS: Gestern bin ich in die Bibliotek gegangen. / Gestern ging ich in die Bibliotek.

Comment: Re: /. is getting more and more unbelievable !! (Score 1) 209

You know why aisle has an 's' in it? It's because isle has an 's' despite being derived from the old English ile because the Latin word isula also means island and it has an 's' in it so ours might as well have one too.

Um, no. The Old English word came from Old French, OF île > Vulgar Latin isle > Latin insula. The circumflex often denotes where an s used to follow the vowel, but later became silent. As in hôtel > hostel, côte > coste ("coast"), château > chastel ("castle"), même > mesme ("same"; cf. Portuguese mesmo, Spanish mismo). The s got added back in the 16th Century in French (which at that time was both becoming standardised in its modern form and was also becoming *the* language of international communication), and due to this as well as confusion with "aisle", the English followed suit.

Accurate info on such matters is as close your friendly neighbourhood etymological dictionary. Now you too can amaze your friends, and be the life of any party. :)

Comment: Re:Unpaid labour? (Score 1) 72

Could someone tell me why we would want to do unpaid labour for Microsoft?

I'm quite prepared to test and help support Linux and open source projects. Microsoft? Not so much....

I'm sure the Linux distro makers (which often are commercial entities) gladly take your free labor, and laugh at their way to bank.

The phrase is actually, "laugh all the way to the bank".

In any event... You imply that I can't use Linux to make money without selling it. That's pretty silly.

I make a pretty good living using Linux, in spite of neither paying nor receiving any money for Linux, and I am quite sure I'm far from being the only one. Why should I care that the maintainers of my distro sell a commercial version of it? They're not taking any money from me, and they've bills to pay same as most folks, including me, so it's all good. I conclude that you're ignorant and/or trolling.

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