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Comment: Re:We warned France not to follow our mistakes (Score 1) 179

by Zontar The Mindless (#49634713) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

Not that it's at all relevant to the topic at hand, but I was born in the US, although I've not lived there in a long time, as a quick check of my /. profile would have told you. But are you sure you're not American? You seem to have that annoying American trait of being chronically unable to spell things correctly, even when they're right in front of you.

My sarcasm detector seems to work pretty well most of the time--better than average, I daresay--and I found absolutely nothing in the post to which I originally responded to indicate sarcasm.

Comment: Re:That dog does not hunt. (Score 1) 171

by Zontar The Mindless (#49628329) Attached to: The World's Most Wasteful Megacity

My 7 years of Spanish classes called. They said you shouldn't trust Googlle Translate without verification from an authoritative source.

That's the same Google Translate that, when you enter a sentence using Chinese characters, often provides Mandarin pronunciations for some of them and Cantonese pronunciations for others, BTW.

Comment: Re:What, do you want the Euro? (Score 1) 8

Thanks for that. Fortunately, our differences were settled years ago, and she's never tried to keep me from communicating with or seeing our daughter. They and my wife met for the first time on this trip we've just returned from, and everyone got along great, much to my relief.

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