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Comment: Re:Jay Little made DEATH THREATS to me (Score 1) 266

by Zontar The Mindless (#46790099) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

APK MUST PUT TO DEATH by Jay Liittle ...

You can't get 7 words into a post without telling a lie, can you? That is NOT what it says. Here's what it actually says:

APK should be put to death

        Send To:
        United States Congress

        Sponsored By:
        The Readers of

I could easily go to that site and create a petition under the username "carlxvigustaf" but this would NOT mean the petition was created by the King of Sweden.

It should also be pointed out that expressing a wish for someone would die is NOT the same thing as threatening to kill that person. It's a bit of a fine distinction, perhaps, but it is still not the same thing.

Comment: Re:Zontar = running (why's that Zontar)? (Score 1) 1558

You're fucking clueless. All I did was type your name into Google and discover what you yourself posted at Ars. And WindowsITPro. And numerous other places.

ProTip: If you don't want stuff that you've said and done before brought up now, don't post it on public websites that get indexed by Google.

And will you please quit posting links to COPIES of your statements that have ALREADY been proven false? If you post X and it's shown to be false, posting a new copy of X does not suddenly make it true again. Pretending otherwise is just fucking stupid, and you're not fooling anyone but possibly yourself when you try to do pass that off as an "unanswered point". When you claim that someone is "running" from such a post because they refuse to keep refuting the EXACT SAME FUCKING LIE again and again that has ALREADY BEEN PROVEN FALSE, you are LYING.

Comment: Re:Eat your words Zontar (on arseholetechnica) (Score 1) 1558

Oh, and I just love the fact that you kept claiming that you had no need to offer any proof of your assertions about this episode until I let it drop that I've met at least one of the other participants.

Then, true to form, the "proof" you tried to foist off on us consisted of nothing but links to your own posts on which I guess you were hoping no-one would follow up on. But by then I'd already used the Google and got straight to the truth of the matter.

Still thinking about sending Jeremy a mail and inviting him to drop in on this thread and give us his own version of events if he likes.

Hey! Maybe I'll offer him custody of the TrollingForHostsFiles account. You think he might like that?