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Comment Re:You guys understand why they're doing this, rig (Score 1) 41 41

I was thinking more of the evolution of the Web browser from document viewer to (in theory) cross-OS/cross-device application platform.

(50? I've wondered about that. I think my posting limit must vary with the phases of the moon or something--seems to change without rhyme or reason.)

Comment Re:Yes, easily (Score 1) 379 379

I stayed on KDE3 for a long time, but 4 finally got to where I could stand to use it. I actually still prefer Konqueror as a FM, but Dolphin became "good enough" (for me, at least) around version 4.7 or so.

I have never liked Gnome very much, more recent versions even less.

I also still have a special place in my heart for Window Maker--it's simple and easy on resources, which is great for older hardware and laggy remote sessions. Also in part because I know one of the original developers.

Comment Re:Is this any different from Google or Apple? (Score 1) 379 379

These are my computers, not Microsoft's. I paid money for them and I own them outright. I do not run my computers either at or for Microsoft's pleasure. I will not pay Microsoft or anyone else a monthly fee, whether that fee is in dollars or in collection of my personal data, to use my own computers. Ever, full stop.

This. This. And again, this.

"If a computer can't directly address all the RAM you can use, it's just a toy." -- anonymous comp.sys.amiga posting, non-sequitir