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Comment: Re:Market Share in 2019? (Score 1) 354

That's rich. Pretty fucking difficult not to react "negatively" to removing features with every new release of late. (Which seems to be all the UX clowns are good for.)

We're not complaining about change. We're complaining about (a) constantly taking things away, and (b) constantly breaking extensions. Extensibility supposedly being a key selling point for Firefox in the first fucking place.

I use Firefox for work. Big UI changes mess with my workflow. You're saying that FF was never meant to be used for work, maybe?

Comment: Re:Market Share in 2019? (Score 1) 354

Having to edit my userChrome.css file to put the tabs back where I had them because some genius at Mozilla decided it'd be funky to break the tab paradigm itself by moving the tab bar way the fuck to the top of the window while giving me neither any choice in the matter nor any way to put it back without hacking the UI is not a "pea under the mattress". It's fucked up, is what it is. KGFY.

Comment: Re:LOL! Firefox has 10% of the market! (Score 1) 354

The other thing I hate about the mobile version of Firefox is that it puts the page title in the location bar, so I can't really tell what site I'm on...

Same here.

Believe it or not, there's actually a preference for this. It's under "Settings... Display ... Title Bar".

Comment: Re:240km/hr? (Score 2) 418

by Zontar The Mindless (#48394271) Attached to: Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph just have to have the right number of stops. Stopping in every town is stupid. But if the train stopped every hour or so that might well make sense.

This is what the Jingguang does. It's about 2400 km with 14 stops if you go the whole route from Beijing to Guangzhou. 8+ hours station to station makes for a stop about every 40 minutes. Most of the stops are for just long enough to people to get on/off, but every third (or so) stop is a provincial capital, and is generally long enough to step out on the platform and grab a cigarette if you're so inclined. Nice seats, smooth ride, minimal baggage and security hassles, and about 20% cheaper than going by air. We figured we would have saved maybe 2 hours maximum by flying, assuming no delays or other foul-ups at either end.

Comment: Re:So, does water cost more? (Score 2) 377

by Zontar The Mindless (#48376255) Attached to: How 4H Is Helping Big Ag Take Over Africa

GMO crops do reduce margins, no doubt. But the notion that they turn a formerly profit-rich enterprise into slave labor is laughable.

That's a notion that exists only in your imagination. Nobody's claiming that farmers were formerly wealthy (except folks like you looking to tilt at strawmen). What actually happens is that people who don't have a lot already (subsistence farmers) and what few resources they have get turned into profit-generation centres for multinationals. They *possibly* might grow more crops; they *possibly* might eat a bit better; they *certainly* will not be any better off economically, since all the money (and the political power that accompanies it) goes into InterAgriCo.

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by Zontar The Mindless (#48376237) Attached to: How 4H Is Helping Big Ag Take Over Africa

The market chooses GMO.

Um, which market would that be? Over here it looks like the market has chosen otherwise.

Also, get back to us when you understand what "choice" means. The fact you can begin a sentence with, "It not like someone takes a gun and forces...," and apparently keep a straight face tells us that you don't.

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