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Comment: Re:Can we stop pretending this isn't low level war (Score 3) 81

It is simply stunningly illogical for China to behave this way against such petty targets. It makes absolutely NO sense for them to flaunt their ability and willingness to do so...

Did you miss the part where China builds artificial islands wayyyy past the 200-mile line to do an end run around it?

Comment: Re:Author Doesn't Understand mining (Score 2) 215

by Zontar The Mindless (#49399717) Attached to: The Dystopian Lake Filled By the World's Tech Sludge

There's no point making a phone that can be repaired and maintaned for twenty years when next year's model will have twice the memory and three times the processing power, and a radio that moves bits twice as fast too.

We could have said the same about desktop PCs back in the day, but we didn't.

Comment: Re:embarrassing but true (Score 1) 71

by Zontar The Mindless (#49363849) Attached to: Ikea Refugee Shelter Entering Production

Adjustable height desks rule.

Absolutely. I bought one about a year ago, and now spend 30-50% of my work day standing. My back and shoulders have been thanking me ever since.

Alas, IKEA had none in stock at the time, and due to issues with their supplier, weren't going to get in any more until August. So I had to go to one of those trendy office furniture shops that seem infest Stockholm like gnats around a bowl of fruit, and pay about 40% more for it. OTOH, it came with a 3-year warranty, it *works*, and I might even be able to deduct some of it from my taxes this year.

If you work at a desk, GET ONE.

You will have a head crash on your private pack.