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Comment: Re:Your "job" is "writing" LMAO... (Score 1) 512

I apparently didn't have time to troll someone TWO HUNDRED TIMES in a single day, whereas you OBVIOUSLY had time to do so, because you DID in fact do just that.

You must be weak in the head if you think that is not patently obvious to anyone observing these proceedings.

Comment: Re:No, what you said is lies Zontar (Score 1) 512

You're apparently the only person visiting this site who can't see that the TrollingForHostFiles account was created specifically in your honour, AFTER you started trolling me and crapflooding any and all threads I posted to.

And I've made absolutely no secret of TFHF's origins, which kind of deflates your sockpuppet conspiracy theories.

Oddly enough, the TFHF account already has positive karma, which means somebody's been modding up its posts in spite of the fact that it's an acknowledged alter ego. And I'm extraordinarily pleased to say that I (Zontar) have not had mod points since the TFHF account was created, so those upmods are not coming from me.

Comment: Thank You, APK! (Score 1) 512

Apparently you've figured out that I don't want or need to post AC in response to your trolls, APK.

I've been having a field day finding your slimy little trails all over the Internet and exposing you for the lifelong spammer, bully, troll, crapflooder, and liar that you are.

Why should I not want to receive credit for unearthing all these wonderful facts about yourself that you've been leaving lying about for the last decade or more?

Besides, it's been giving me something to take my mind off cigarettes--I decided to quit on Monday after being a smoker for 30+ years.

This is working out really well for me, too--every time a I get a craving for a smoke, I just hit the Google again and find something new to smoke you with, instead. :D

Or maybe next time I'll switch to Bing and see what they've got on you, as well.

Comment: Re:Zontar: "Rinse, Lather, & Repeat" (lol) (Score 1) 512

Well, since you asked:

Currently that's 5 Insightful mods, 1 Overrated, and 1 Troll.

I start at 1 when logged in, and I get an extra +1 for having excellent Karma.

What's "Karma", you ask? That's something you don't really need to worry about, since you are too big a coward to create an account and log in to it before posting, and even then, you need to post stuff that people think is useful, informative, insightful, which you don't seem capable of doing, so my advice is not to bother.

Comment: Re:You appear to be "running", Forrest (lol) (Score 1) 512

Your usermode app *subverts* normal process scheduling. You *bragged* about this until it was pointed out that this is a really, really bad thing to do.

All I can see is that those two individuals' websites appear to be alive and thriving.

And how you can try to portray getting kicked off Ars at least 4 times as some sort of victory is pretty silly.

But we've come to expect mischaracterisation from you much as we'd expect cowflop from the wrong end of a cow.

Comment: Re:Don't change the subject Zontar (Score 1) 512

IOW you need to offer proof that this is what happened.

ProTip: Linking to one of your own posts does not constitute proof.

And like I've said before, as far as I can tell, every single one of your host files spamvertisements has been off-topic.

Since they are nothing but spamvertisements for a crapware host files app that nobody in his right mind wants to allow anywhere close to his system, your posts are by definition useless and off-topic. Q.E.D.

Comment: Re:Don't change the subject Zontar (Score 1) 512

I've already made it crystal clear that I am utterly certain that you are engaging in gross mischaracterisation, as this is one of your trademarks.

Like I said before: If APK tells us that the sky is blue, I'm going to assume that this is a lie until I look out the window and see it for myself.

Comment: Re:Quit avoiding THIS Zontar... apk (Score 1) 512

I'll repeat what I've already said elsewhere:

1. I've yet to find a single case where one of your host files trolls was even remotely on-topic.

2. Your "host files engine" is a useless, CPU-sucking piece of crap, and I am very far from being the first one to say this. (Furthermore, you actually boast about its horrid performance as if it were something to be desired.) In addition, it overrides the Task Scheduler for no good reason whatsoever. That in my opinion qualifies it as something I would never in a million years permit anywhere near any machine that I use or administer; IOW it is for all intents and purposes malware and no amount of your ranting and raving and trolling and crapflooding is ever going to change this fact.

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