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Comment Re:A better idea: (Score 1) 157 157

I have little trouble entering Hanzi with a standard keyboard, and your typical Chinese person has even less.

You might recall that Chinese consists of a large number of related but mutually unintelligible "dialects". A Beijinger visiting Hong Kong might pronounce it "Jiulong", but he can still read the sign that tells him he's arrived in "Nine Dragons"--or, as the locals pronounce it--Kowloon.

For that matter, handwriting recognition works quite well these days. Very handy when you're out and about and you see a character you don't know--just trace it on the screen of your smartphone with your finger, and up it pops in your dictionary, with the meaning and pronunciation. (NB: You *must* know the stroke order rules for writing Chinese characters for this to work. You don't have to write the character especially neatly, but the strokes need to have the correct order and placement.)

I'm not saying I *prefer* an ideographic writing system, just that what you're alluding to is already (AFAICT) a solved problem.

Comment Re:You guys understand why they're doing this, rig (Score 1) 42 42

I was thinking more of the evolution of the Web browser from document viewer to (in theory) cross-OS/cross-device application platform.

(50? I've wondered about that. I think my posting limit must vary with the phases of the moon or something--seems to change without rhyme or reason.)

Comment Re:Yes, easily (Score 1) 441 441

I stayed on KDE3 for a long time, but 4 finally got to where I could stand to use it. I actually still prefer Konqueror as a FM, but Dolphin became "good enough" (for me, at least) around version 4.7 or so.

I have never liked Gnome very much, more recent versions even less.

I also still have a special place in my heart for Window Maker--it's simple and easy on resources, which is great for older hardware and laggy remote sessions. Also in part because I know one of the original developers.

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