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Comment The Internet of Things (Score 1) 153 153

What's your position on this fad of appliances needing networking and whatnot other connections? Especially in the light of other devices (like routers) usually running something that used to be free software 'til the appliance maker got their hands onto it. It is likely that some if not many or even the majority of IoT appliances will run (allegedly) free software in one way or another, and most likely without any regard of the underlying licensing model.

Would you rather see it as a vehicle for OSS to move into everyone's home and literally become a household thing, or is it just yet another abuse of free software by makers of appliances who just like to cut corners?

Comment Re:One-Way Upgrade??? (Score 1) 249 249

My understanding is that you will be able to go back forever. You should be able to do it automatically. You may have to call for activation - such has always been the case since the start of activation. The one month is for an automated removal of 10 when following the upgrade path. Source: Current MVP still in the program.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 98 98

We are primarily a government contractor, and our main contract had a Siebel-based client management system (only a government would have the combination of money and stupidity to invest in an ancient technology like that, but oh well), and up until late last year, we had to run IE in the lowest security mode and IE7 compatibility mode just to make the ActiveX components function. The new version is by and large HTML5 compatible, and though they recommend Firefox, we've had only a few bumps running Chrome. I doubt more than a handful of our staff even use IE now.

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