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by fustakrakich (#48475293) Attached to: Taking the show live

There just isn't a lot of hope in life outside of Jesus Christ...

That's very defeatist... Sure there is. All sorts of people who never heard of the man are living very fulfilling lives. And they can do it without meddling with and disrespecting others because they appear or act 'different'. Seek them out and learn from them. They preach the message, not the man.

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by Kjella (#48475195) Attached to: Google Told To Expand Right To Be Forgotten

Instant Godwin, but should Holocaust deniers have the right to demand that Adolf Hitler be disassociated from those "lies"? There's no objective standard of what is true, much less what is current, balanced and relevant information so in truth you ask Google to play oracle. They've found lots of pages mentioning Adolf Hitler and Holocaust together, so they return what they found. They've never done any primary research in the matter, all they have is an objection that it's not true. Should Google then become legally liable if they ignore the protest and keep returning Holocaust-related results? I mean you're holding Google to a higher standard than the sites they're indexing, they can spew out crap on the Internet without fact-checking but if Google collects statistics then they have to determine the truthiness of it. It only works because Google is a megacorporation and the only reason they don't protest harder is probably because it blocks out the competition. Setting up a server to spider the Internet? Easy. Dealing with a zillion more-or-less valid claims to remove information? Massive money sink, great to kill any start-up.

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...I'd rather see drives with double the MTBF than double the capacity.

That's not the way the market sees it. Increased reliability can only hurt sales. Our economy system requires perpetual growth, or it will collapse. Planned obsolescence is a very old method of keeping the growth alive. There is no reason that a computer and all its components can't last 20-25 years like our old TVs and refrigerators did.

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by swillden (#48475045) Attached to: Google Told To Expand Right To Be Forgotten

The Internet is full of half-truths and outright lies. Search engines do not deliver results based on the truth value of sites, but on popularity, page ranking and such.

That has nothing to do with this. If someone has put lies about you up on a news site, you can and should be able to get that information taken down at the source. In fact, dealing with defamatory writing is something we figured out how to do long ago. It's called "libel" and there are all sorts of laws around it.

The "right to be forgotten" isn't about taking down false or misleading information. It's about suppressing accurate but unpleasant truth.

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by BarbaraHudson (#48474769) Attached to: Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission
... and it wants to be the Facebook of transportation. "We're collecting all this data to help us make your user experience better. Don't like it - use someone else. Oh wait - we actively sabotage the competition 'cuz we got $1.5 billion thrown at us by crazy investors."

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I have some free time. 'Caring' is not a requirement. I'm am only interested in your responses when poked with a bit of truth about your real animal nature that you try so hard to suppress. A little word about that, you only succeed at perverting the desires with your mad attempt to put everybody in your box.

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Incorrect. If the court was saying to remove the page in question, then that would be forgetting things which are true.

However, the court action is directed at the association created by Google between a particular person and a page.

There is no functional difference; if you can't remember what you forgot, then you forgot it. The data might be out there someplace, but if you can't find it, then you can't make use of it.

No, it's about requiring search engines to stop returning irrelevant items about a person when asked for relevant items,

As the person initiating the search, I decide what is relevant.

Without this law, search engines could report results which are false and do harm with impunity.

No, no they couldn't, because you'd click on the links and you'd see the actual result. Search engines can only report what is there; they might report on it incorrectly, but you can always check up on them.

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Seriously, it's AWESOME!

Deep Fried Turkey is MEAT CANDY!

I'm going to blaspheme according to some, but I think it's better than bacon! And I love bacon! If it wasn't such a damn mess and so hazardous to make it, I think that deep-fried Turkey would supplant bacon as the principal bad-for-us meat product.

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