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Comment Re: Wait for it... (Score 1) 4

Somebody will if this is like very other thread on the subject. It seems to be a matter of pride. Use the OS that suits the task at hand best for you and practice safe hex. I suspect part of the problem has been the goal of making the computer a device for amusement instead of a computational device as its goal. Aiming for the lowest common denominator can not be a good thing in this field. It just can't be - at least not from my perspective. That's not to say it needs to be overly complex. Maybe it is time to go back to dumb terminals.

Comment Wait for it... (Score 1) 4

So who will defend Apple this time or attempt to minimize this or attempt to claim that other OSes are worse so that this is, seemingly, less significant. No OS is secure, it never will be and it only gets worse when you connect it to another device. There will always be security problems.

Not because I care so much but because I am easily amused...

Comment Queue a thousand /.ers (Score 1) 71

quickly dismissing this article out of fear. Fact is we're not special, anyone can be trained to do 95% of what we do, the other 5% can be broken off into it's own world and there won't be enough jobs for that 5% as we train up more and more rank and file programmers. Gates & Zuckerberg figured this out, why the hell can't we? If you want a future start asking for protectionism right now. There's a reason Doctors and Lawyers have a Union (AMA/Bar). They're not dumb, and they learned that 95/5 rule I mentioned above centuries ago.

Comment Re:Companies don't get it.... (Score 1) 190

Game room/exercise room: What this means is more distractions for the young workers who already can't focus on their task for five minutes and get something done. Now they need to bug you to play with them and wonder why you say you don't have time as we are already way behind. So now you end up doing their tasks while they are shooting pool just to make sure the client gets what they were promised. Basically, more people NOT working while at work, forcing you into more hours to pick up the slack. BTW, how many hours a week does your company actually expect out of you?

Dunno, but if it's X whether I play a game of pool or not.... I'm playing pool. It sounds like you're playing Sisyphus, if the ball is always rolling down hill why is it your job to push it back up? Sounds like you want to be the hero that saves the day, but as long as you're just covering for other people all you have are a few youngsters who think you're grumpy and don't see the problem because the deadlines are met anyway. Find a way to let them crash and burn, without you getting too singed and you might find yourself more appreciated.

Comment Re:Learning to program by Googling + Trial & E (Score 1) 71

Yes, anyone can code, just as anyone can build a house. Whether or not the house collapses immediately, whether it has any real value, or by any other measure still depends on the skill of the builder, just as in software.

If builders built buildings the way that programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.

Comment Re:What I don't like (Score 1) 190

A lot of tech work is reactionary. And if all you have to do is put out fires, it isn't terrible. But you are usually expected to work at other things between fires. Which means the second you start doing one thing, you have to stop and go fix six other things. Always feeling like you are getting pulled in eighteen different directions sucks.

Actually that part is not so bad. The bad part is when you're not allowed to do anything more than run around with a fire extinguisher. I mean if the electrician told you the wiring is from last century and needs to be replaced, you'd do it. Same if the plumber said your sewer and water pipes are shot. But the more of a clusterfuck an application is, the harder it seems to replace because nobody understands it, it operates on no standards and the documentation is non-existent. The kind of application that have you tearing your hair out because it will fail in surprising, spectacular and entirely irrational ways and fixing it is like an acid trip through Alice's Wonderland, never knowing what you'll unleash next. Once I discovered a bug where totally unrelated functionality used the same locking table, but only one checked the object type. So you'd pull a string on one end and another part of the application fell apart. Oh joy.

Submission + - Government still hasn't notified individuals whose personal data was hacked

schwit1 writes: Months after the federal government admitted publicly that the personal data of more than 20 million government employees had been hacked they still have not sent notifications to those millions.

Instead, they've turned this into an opportunity to spend taxpayer money for their friends!

        The agency whose data was hacked, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), said the Defense Department will begin "later this month" to notify employees and contractors across the government that their personal information was accessed by hackers. OPM said notifications would continue over several weeks and "will be sent directly to impacted individuals."

        OPM also announced that it hired a contractor to help protect the identities and credit ratings of employees whose data was hacked. In a statement, OPM said it had awarded a contract initially worth more than $133 million to a company called Identity Theft Guard Solutions LLC, doing business as ID experts, for identity theft protections for the 21.5 million victims of the security data breach. The contractor will provide credit and identity monitoring services for three years, as well as identity theft insurance, to affected individuals and dependent children aged under 18, the agency said.

Hopefully they aren't as incompetent as the company chosen to build the Obamacare website.

Comment Re:Major disconnect from layers (Score 1) 190

I owned my own company for a long time. Eventually I was kicked out of my own server room by people I paid to do a job. You know, I listened. I could do the job well enough but they could do it so much faster. Eventually I no longer even maintained my own code. "Code comments go in the code and not on a pile of coffee soaked index cards, asshole." Again, I listened. Sure, I could do all those things effectively - efficiently if you don't count my time but I paid experts because, well, they were better at the job than I was.

I suppose you could have called me a CEO, I mean I technically was, but we weren't real big on titles. Hell, my company paid me less than some of my employees made (of course I had the cookie jar).

I guess my point is that not all bosses think they know everything. My understanding is the new parent company has kept the culture much the same. It was not entirely uncommon to see a curious look when I admitted I did not know something and would like to consult with someone who did before making choices. I can only surmise that the behavior is due to ego.

Comment Re:Same issues (Score 1) 138

Yes, this i understand. The bill of goods being sold is that "economics" is scientific. The biggest reason being is to sell and implement austerity/slavery without causing a riot. "Economics" is fraud, pure, unadulterated bullshit trying to figure out what to do what seven and a half billion people.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.